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Why Are Creators Leaving The Macbook Pro ?? | What’S Going On With Apple’S - At Up-Tube.com

Why are Creators Leaving the MACBOOK PRO ?? What’s Going On With Apple’s 1 day ago   14:41

Sara Dietschy
Laptop therapy with 2 YouTubers that have beautiful hair. Thoughts on the macbook ?
I did a video with Lizzie! - https://up-tube.com/upvideo/XfrL2HuAu-8
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Lizzie Peirce
Well guys... it's the truth! Loved sharing some honesty with you on this Sara! And I'm coming back to try the moped ASAP :)
Lets blame Apple on Adobe's shit performance! Yeah!!
"For premiere users" Say no more...
Anthony Benjamin
Fuck apple
Evan Casavant
Get a razer blade 15 (2019)
The Dude
So editing 4K video on a laptop that trades ports and power for portability isn't supposed to be painful and time consuming? Also, while you have high praises for the one on the Mac, it's my opinion that ALL trackpads are rubbish. A mouse is 100x better for a power user that sits and works at their machine.
Ertuğrul SAĞDIÇ
What about manjaro!!! or mxlinux
Ari Network
I just ordered a new MacBook Air 256 GB SSD and upgraded to 16G RAM today. If you don't have enough RAM, Google Chrome may now work. I feel I will be very happy
with my purchase, as I am not in the creating business. It is true about the PC upgrade without buying a new PC.
The Centurion
Apple needs to drop tim the problem resolved. I use windows for my day job a mac for personal. Windows still plagued with issue tbh. Have a hp top spec elitebook x360. Windows update wrecked the thing for a couple months. I guess we've come accustomed to windows bugs, ms office sporadic fits so the bar is lower. Hp customer care is very poor. Forced to communicate online very slow response etc. Apples still hold decent value even my 2009 imac is sort after. Pros and cons in boths worlds. Dont get why people feel the need to justify or announce going to another brand. Another thing is why are most windows laptops looking like a poor mans macbook, my elitebook included lol.
Wtf tomos???? Where have you found it????
Trueflame Tech
ThinkPad X1 Extreme, or a ThinkPad P series. Thank me later!

Nothing beats the TrackPoint for fine movement when doing creative work once you get used to it!
Aerophlix Media
*first off Love Thomos Silver Bullet? Maybe although a more gold in color Maybe a gold bullet? anyway I used to have the same in Silver haha cool to see, Secondly glad you guys took the jump to Windows! Besides all the stuff you talked about remember Apple pays no Taxes, Charges an arm and a leg, and you loose a ton of tech because Apple absolutly wants to keep themselves in a box no one else can come into! If a company were your friend it would be the very selfish friend you drop in the long run! I use a dell xps 15 which is good but upgraded to Dells G5 gaming laptop for video editing and is amazing! sweet video love your videos!*
aditya kemal
so natural act in the begining hehe
You can get a Lenovo with core 8, 4k screen, 512 ssd 16 memory, Dolby Atmos speaker, for half the price of the newer Apple Macbook pro.
Cray Rudin & Yang
Hey guys for the desktop tower look at Puget systems. They really really build great machinese It will really help in your editing flow... Also if you install Linux on that just go davinci pro resolve and blender And gimp And there's always virtual box for things you can't live with out

And for a laptop go with system 76,
Really solid products great people

gave up on Apple system 10.2 after 25 years. Just pull the same bandaid off and he over with the cult of Apple guys. They just pretend they think different but All that use their product end up thinking all the same... They were cool when the had toaster boxes. And mouse lol...

And for new life to your old Mac search youtube for his to install Linux in the like open artist distro or Ubuntu studio. Should be a decent travel laptop again...

Cheers from China
Rj Lindner
Anyone have a recommendation for a budget laptop for Photo editing an future video editing?
Sean Zappulla
I'm going to get a PC built next month. I have already have the monitor. One of my iMacs has a 1 TB SSD upgrade that I have had done to it here in Australia.
Ralph Raphael
girls with messed up nail polish = death LMAO hahahahhahaa joking joking
Pocket World Studios
I love these pro pc campaigns, I was really starting to get annoyed with almost everyone owning an apple computer. If you can stand the look and function of a PC then you weren’t a real Mac user in the 1st place.
RoNīN GaīJīN
👎 don't like Mac. Apple needs to get out of China or start charging half price.
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What’s Going On With Apple’s Why are Creators Leaving the MACBOOK PRO ?? 1 day ago   11:01

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If you haven’t already heard, a large percentage of Apple notebook users are having problems with their keyboard. Things like repeating characters when a key is only pressed once, characters not appearing when pressed, and sticky keys that don’t respond reliably. And over the past few years these issues have only become more widespread. So in this video we’re going to explore what started these keyboard problems in the first place, just how bad the situation is today, what Apple is doing to fix it, and what it could mean the future of Apple’s notebook keyboards.