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Why Are Creators Leaving The Macbook Pro ?? | What’S Going On With Apple’S - At Up-Tube.com

Why are Creators Leaving the MACBOOK PRO ?? What’s Going On With Apple’s 4 months ago   14:41

Sara Dietschy
Laptop therapy with 2 YouTubers that have beautiful hair. Thoughts on the macbook ?
I did a video with Lizzie! - https://up-tube.com/upvideo/XfrL2HuAu-8
I did a podcast with Lizzie! - http://www.thatcreative.life/

I have done many videos about the macbook pro and other laptops just click my channel to watch more!

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Lizzie Peirce
Well guys... it's the truth! Loved sharing some honesty with you on this Sara! And I'm coming back to try the moped ASAP :)
Mind. Art. Creativity.
November 2019
Apple : releases 16" Macbook Pro with better keyboard, graphics, cpu
creators: *take our money*
Ricardo Aguirre Sanchez
What about asus zen book pro duo for your Job ?
Kay Flip
Your friends have strange accents.
Pa Ct
Apple sounds like a dictatorship. I enjoy my msi laptop
Blaine D
Telegram replaces IMessage nicely.
Mixed Skills
Hi All...Nice to notice people and also maybe Apple about bad situation. You are always talking about Intel CPU but AMD nowadays way better. Especially Ryzen 9 3950X (16 core) and new gen Threadripper which is cost between 1400$-2000$.(24 core and 32 core) As a photographer and art director, I was using around 16 years Apple Computers (like Mac Mini, iMac, Mac Pro, Macbook Pro etc.) but now, I switch to pc which I build my own, way better now. I had some minor issues especially photo editing side, was loosing at least 3-5 seconds each photos for editing, saving etc. when iMac was here (because of MacOs X is not stable and always having some bugs with each update - MacOS and Adobe. Now crazy fast with custom build pc. Still Apple products with me, that is not easy to remove instantly from life and don't want to.

Specs: Benq SW221, Ryzen 9 3900X, Trident Z Neo 32GB, Nvidia RTX 2070 Super, Corsair MP600 1TB, Asus X570-E, Lian Li O11 Dynamic, G915 Keyboard, G604 Mice, Corsair HX850I Platinum
Wes Demelo
Mac or PC, mac or pc, why not have one of each?? I do ;)
Come back with the 16inch...
Alaska Pirates
wow, apple is really going down hill
Donald Stash
How about now! With the 16” macbook pro. Say all you want, but that laptop is a beast!🦍
Have you guys considered doing a hackintosh?
Hugo Barrientos
impossible to live without airdrop, sorry
Max Brooks
seeing adults who pretend to know about pcs and tech while telling people an Imac is a good investment for them is entertaining all on its own
José The Rover
The lady's problem is that she's using Premiere. Honestly Premiere is terrible compared to Resolve and FCP X. If you're going to get a PC at least have the dignity not using Premiere anymore.
José The Rover
The touchbar is great especially because it has some cool features for Davinci Resolve. Its also great for playback...
Hilário Pereira
I’m from Brazil and seeing that generation complaning about this kind of stuff is so sad. 3 days without a computer. Seriously? That’s yout life problem? I have a Macbook Pro, I had an issue, they fixed, move on. I won’t continue whaching this video. Really, not a relevant content. Be more grateful people.
John Armwood
Why would you use Premiere on a Mac. It does not make sense. Use Final Cut or get a PC.
Tyrone Anderson
I have a 2015 Macbook Pro 15" that i brought brand new and never had any problems with it. I thought about buying the 2016 and newer models but I hear people complain about having issues with the keyboards and over heating so I will stay with my mac until it stop working.
Laxus Stream
Bro use zenbook duo it’s the best
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What’s Going On With Apple’s Why are Creators Leaving the MACBOOK PRO ?? 4 months ago   11:01

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If you haven’t already heard, a large percentage of Apple notebook users are having problems with their keyboard. Things like repeating characters when a key is only pressed once, characters not appearing when pressed, and sticky keys that don’t respond reliably. And over the past few years these issues have only become more widespread. So in this video we’re going to explore what started these keyboard problems in the first place, just how bad the situation is today, what Apple is doing to fix it, and what it could mean the future of Apple’s notebook keyboards.