California Coast Road Trip Road Trip: California's Pacific 5 months ago   11:22

Life of Reilly
We did the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to San Diego over three days. It's a special Road Trip that we'll never forget. Our video includes realistic timings but make sure you check out our full Highway One tips on our website:

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Kat H
Wonderful video! My family is planning a trip in March and you've helped us a lot!
if you are going to explore california 101 take a month or so and do it beach by beach by beach. i have lived here for years and still havent seen everything i would like to.
wow this trip only took 3 days! Amazing! You make me want to try this. Now if only there weren't all those crazy drivers out there
Who’s Mike Bunji
Shout out to Imperial Beach 1:52
Tim L
Excellent video but I also recommend the 17-mile drive in Monterrey.
Betty Lewis
Great trip, beautiful places, and wise kids! 😉
Lucky you
Roadtrip Lover미국 싸다니기
Wow, you have a great channel. I give you big Subway sandwich and more for being your new friend. Thank you.
Euphoria Nostalgia
California is interesting and unique in many ways but one thing is that it has a Spanish name and cities/places in Spanish and also English because it was colonized 1st by Spain and then became part of USA in 1800s and settlers from the east founded and named several cities and places in english but to be fair that is true for most states in the US which were colonized by respective european countries, indigenous names, and then USA a mostly english speaking nation founded some places like in Michigan there are several French named places ex.Detroit and Dearborn in english and Michigan is a native american word
Gregg Hanson
This is fantastic!! The kids are darling and well-behaved!!
Dan smith
You blew right through the artichoke capital of the world and not a word.
Way to go.......NOT
Jesus Mejia
We did this trip 2 years ago. We stayed in Cayucos the first night then we stayed in Santa Barbara and we went to the zoo. Next we stayed in Ventura. The next day drove through Malibu, Santa Monica and we stayed in Newport Beach. The next day we were in Laguna Beach, San Clemente, ocean side, La Jolla then stayed overnight in San Diego. The next day we spent in Coronado then we started making our way back to home. It was an epic road trip through the Golden State.
FYI, Ventura was SO ghetto. I'm glad we went, but I know that I will never go back. Laguna Beach is a must to stop vmby and see.
Russ o
As a native California, I've driven that drive a few times. You definitely hit the high points/attractions. My favorite area is cambria/san simeon. The stretch from morro bay to LA can be rough and long. Traffic...ugh! Great video. Glad you had a nice time.
brandon brown
Orange county is south of long beach
TC Mayes
Your not from California with those accents!
Carmel Hardy
Bella Noche
You missed Morro Bay and Pismo Beach!!
Quincy Kendall Bias1997
That is so Beautiful.
Joe Lavigne
You drove right by all the best places....... The man with a British accent ruin this video.... Wow what a disappointment
jane harding
love this you so have inspired to hire a car when i come to usa
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Road Trip: California's Pacific California Coast Road Trip 5 months ago   04:06

California's legendary Pacific Coast Highway is one of America's most scenic road trips. See the Redwoods State Park, San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge and San Diego's beautiful beaches along this coast-hugging stretch of highway.

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