10 Most Expensive Homes Of NBA Players NBA The Most FUNNY TRAVELS EVER 2 months ago   10:21

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Here are 10 of the most luxurious and expensive homes of successful NBA players.

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10 Most Expensive Homes Of NBA Players

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Erick Omondi
...and as always,a basketball court.Mia Khalifa and Johnny Sins and as always...
Carley Watson
This has to be old Dwayne Wade is not 28
Carley Watson
This has to be old Dwayne Wade is not 28
Carley Watson
This has to be old Dwayne Wade is not 28
Aminata Gueye
Avakin Life house
Something is definitely wrong with the distribution of wealth in our society. Anyone who makes that much money should be taxed appropriately. An NBA player, for example, who makes 34 million a year could be taxed at a 60% rate and still have about 14 million per year remaining....and still be able to live a comfortable life (that's about 1.5 million a month to live on).
Jared M
What about shaqs 70000 sq ft home
neil flores
Lawrence Fairweather
You become skilled at a child’s game and you continue playing into adulthood......
As an adult child you make more money than the top executives on Wall St.
I don’t get it ???
Bobby McCarthy
The standard 8 BEDROOMS
J's Journey
who ever sub to my channel I'll sub bk
Dae Day
All this shit for what lol
Michael jim
these rich man
Oh yeah yeah
Hat about drew breeze
Rob Boy
My dude
Kenyon Martin is so ignorant acting 🤪...... that’s why it’s not selling 😐
Veronica Ayala
I am going to buy micheal Jordan home
Efekaan iştegör
Where is shaqs houses
Ryan Vand
Weird face
Haitian To Nice
I know he works hard for what you have. Helping each other’s is the keys to a better life.
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NBA The Most FUNNY TRAVELS EVER 10 Most Expensive Homes Of NBA Players 2 months ago   04:50

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