10 Most Expensive Homes Of NBA Players NBA The Most FUNNY TRAVELS EVER 1 day ago   10:21

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Here are 10 of the most luxurious and expensive homes of successful NBA players.

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10 Most Expensive Homes Of NBA Players

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Kenyon Martin is so ignorant acting 🤪...... that’s why it’s not selling 😐
Veronica Ayala
I am going to buy micheal Jordan home
Efekaan iştegör
Where is shaqs houses
Ryan Vand
Weird face
Haitian To Nice
I know he works hard for what you have. Helping each other’s is the keys to a better life.
Haitian To Nice
If a black man so rich like that why so many black peoples in America can’t even pay their rent. Just lies and deception. Why black peoples here don’t helping they own kind. I help my peoples, and I helped family all the times I don’t even have much.
Haitian To Nice
They choose one black man to make all black poor. One black rich so all black can be poor later.
Haitian To Nice
They used one black people, to make all black people’s poor.
Haitian To Nice
They use black peoples to make black peoples poor in this country.
tamuna baramidze
My Friend's dad built Chris Bosh's house
Vicky Burnett
Excellent person
God bless
Mcfrande Louis
Imagine you having this big house
richard alvarado
No wonder so many NBA players file for chapt 7 five yrs after retirement. HELLO YOU CAN'T DO THIS TILL YOU'RE 70!!!
Jandelle Cobbs
Give me those Eminem joints too. Gotta keep the good Jordan's In there to make it worth the deal for real. Also, I don't understand, so many ppl on his jock but, won't buy MJ's house?
cringy videos
Why the thum nail looking like michel Jordan was smoking weed up close lol 😰😰😰😰whylol
zephan deal
i want chris pauls sooo bad
Antonio Mcclure
Ffghherjgjrjjckjd Lisa
Miss G Booker
This is some pretty nice places indeed. I had high hopes for my son being that he was a premature baby and when I left Colorado he was 6^8" at 19 years old he will be 24 in December 2018. I had hope that he would be scouted by Fatty Taylor which was a personal FRIEND of mine may he R.I.P. Fatty died of Breast Cancer. The legendary FATTY Taylor of the Denver Nuggets Old School B-Ball.. Although, my son was a minor FATTY did let him participate in his camp. Tragedy struck my family and my son went to live with his father which turned him away from me so I no longer have any contact with my son which I think he will stop growing at 7 feet 7 '2 "perhaps.THANK YOU FATTY. For all you did to BLESS my son's life as well as my Self.
Mystic_ Loaf
Who ever subs to me I’ll sub back
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NBA The Most FUNNY TRAVELS EVER 10 Most Expensive Homes Of NBA Players 1 day ago   04:50

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