Dale Earnhardt Jr. Hard Crash Greatest Passes In Nascar History 1 day ago   02:10

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NASCAR: Just three laps after the Duck Commander 500 went green, series points leader Dale Earnhardt Jr. had a hard crash that knocked him out of contention.

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New Usurname
he wanted to be his dad
Sammy/Tracy Maggio
To make matters worse, Dale hit a concrete wall on the outside. There was no SAFER Barrier there.
you all don't get it lol he was trying to do the pass in the grass
Dominique Laki
It was the splitter, it hit the grass which buckled and came loose, hit the tire causing it to puncture causing the loss of control(watch the splitter fly off). I'm not a crash guru but it didn't take me 2 mins to figure it out and still be wrong. -_-
Laurent O.
Same thing as your father but, the front of his car was so speedy it hit the wall and the m&m car hit him to. that caused him to die.
I was somewhat happy when Jr. crashed... because I'm a Kahne and Johnson fan... lol
William #48
Dale Jr will win a championship he is the best you want Poconos and Daytona 500 in 2014 when he win the Sprint Cup title he will be the best NASCAR driver

Poow wittle Dale Jr got in a wittle cwash. Spwead the worwd to evewyone!!
That chevy recall.
edmundo puraca
what the fucking grass is doing there ?
Big Tim's Trucking LLC
Hell of a race.....jet dryers got revenge fro jpm lmfao
Greg Cunningham
He died.
Enzo Albertoni
left turn left turn left turn left turn left turn...2 hours later right turn pit stop.... left turn left turn..... F1 FTW!!
Jesus Saves
How long as this redneck been driving?? What a dumbass. I can't stand Earnhardt, and I can't stand this ignorant sport of circle jerking. What a waste of time watching these hillbillies go in a circle for hours.
Forget Dale Jr's fail did anyone see how many fails DW had in this video alone?
Barry Jowers
Hey Jr only your dad could do a pass in the grass
this was on abc world news tonight...i thought this would have been far worse to make headlines like that ....
joshua hastings
I wish this of not happened.
i Granot
I hope jr's pit crew brought hot dogs and long sticks.
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Greatest Passes In Nascar History Dale Earnhardt Jr. Hard Crash 1 day ago   09:50

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