i got into my dream school!!! (college REVEALING MY STATS AND SCORES (SAT, 6 months ago   14:25

Kaito Ran
DISCLAIMER: I am not bragging about the schools I got into. I worked my butt off throughout high school and I simply wanted to have these moments documented since it means quite a lot to me!

I always enjoyed watching these kinds of videos so I decided to record my own college decision reactions! I'll post regular videos soon so stay tuned! (sorry if this seems super irrelevant to you!!!)

I'm so so so grateful for my parents and friends and everyone who supported me throughout this journey. Also thanks to every school that decided to offer me a place in their class 💕

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I live in Germany, what am I doing here?
seriouslyyy tho
Guys is their any school you would advice me to go? I would like to be like an actress so any rlly good schools you’d recommend me?
idek lmao
him: * gets into Berkely*
him: oh yay
me: * gets into community college*
Jessica Drennan
Good for you!! Reading your description you can see how humble, considerate, and hardworking you are! I’m really happy that you got into these great schools and I know you’ll do great things.❤️Congrats!🎉
phoebe messina
happy he actually got INTO USC.
o h
Pharrell Weekley
Guys, I got accepted to 5th grade
I’m in 6th grade lmao 💀💀
Luna zou
Do you mind to share about your SAT score and GPA? For reference.... Thanks!
Lily’s Odd World
I’m a high school freshman and already know what local college I want to go to and what major I want
l u c y l i n
he is so casual about getting accepted lol
Jorawar Singh
i hope you die of dick cancer
Christina C
Every outfit u had in this video was cute djdjdj
Kana Ishikawa
I’m subscribing cuz you’re a reaction king
Alysa Ngo
Olivia Jade is QuAkInG
eka denise
My dad works at Cornell and i could get a scholarship because he works there sksksk
Its Nav
“why is it a pdf omg thats so scary” LMAO WHAT
Capre Diem
Imagine getting wait listed by a state university and accepted into an ivey league school ...... can't relate
chim chim
I’m in my freshman year of high school and this just makes me want to work so much harder
Jessica Nam
“i wiSh i cOuLD gO”
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REVEALING MY STATS AND SCORES (SAT, i got into my dream school!!! (college 6 months ago   10:33

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hey guys! I have received SOO many requests for a stats video talking about SAT scores, ACT scores, GPA, and more so now that high school is completely done and all scores are final I decided to do this video for you guys. if you want to see a part 2 college application video discussing essays/extracurriculars, feel free to give this video a like and let me know. I really appreciate it and I want to say a huge thank you to everyone watching!!! xoxo, Lexie

time stamps in case you don't feel like listening to me talk lol
SAT - 1:53
ACT- 3:06
SAT subject tests- 4:30
AP classes/scores- 6:20
class rank/GPA- 7:58

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