THEY'RE TAKING MY NEW MCLAREN AWAY Finally got the Box Chevy Tuned ! 2 days ago   39:23

Tall Guy Car Reviews
They are taking my brand new McLaren 570s Spider away from and here's why! Comment below and let me know what y'all think is going to be customized on my McLaren G Squad..

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Jordan King
Wait so why did they take his car
Saad Saleem
I’m pretty sure he had not bought them Mclaren from the start, most likely a lease or rent.
That new car smell!! 😂😂😂😭😭😭 blowing straight gas ⛽️☘️
Real Motivation
Delio Delgado
Is that a Tim Hardaway jersey?
Michael Levy JR
A wrap
John stafford
Awesome videos 👍
Keone Pinckney
Don't get pulled over again. You know they got it out for you.
Mr T
Click bait central..this channel is wack AF
He properly couldn't afford to play the monthly payments
Blazerz TV
Lil jitts out there stacking that bread. Show em how to get it the legit way.
Blazerz TV
I was about to be sad for a second.
Thomas Chandler
Big blessings
N quintero
Are you guys officially homos
Des&Damon 4L
Wassup tall guy im a hig fan!! Im from San Diego i gotta crown Vic with pipes so it loud asf lol. But yeah it would be a blessing if you blessed me next time you come to San Diego. Just a youngin with big dreams tryna make ut here in southeast DAYGO and be just like you bro!! I look up to you
Miguel Silva
Brother that man is the demon reborn .....Mr.Organik is going to be your downfall
Truck Driver 117
How can they just up and take his property
👀where da ⛽️🤷🏾‍♂️🔥💯👽
Unfaced Fears
Damn that boy had more cash on him then What I get in a whole year.
alfredo damian
That new car smell is just a chemicals
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Finally got the Box Chevy Tuned ! THEY'RE TAKING MY NEW MCLAREN AWAY 2 days ago   25:51

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Finally got the Box Chevy Tuned ! Shout out to YoutubeN' on a budget - ! Subscribe to his channel

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