TRY NOT TO SING **HARD CHALLENGE** 'I'm Here Too' - Short 4 weeks ago   14:00

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Hanna R.
Didn't sing at all. I swear on my life.
FishyOfficial RBLX
I failed so badly at this. ;-; And this is how you tell I am a lazy couch potato who listens to music all day.
Gaming Devil
tbh this was easy,
Holly Childers
I lost on without me moonlight and youngblood and big plans MOSTLY BIG PLANSSS
Woohoo I didn’t sing
Jacques Rosius
I lost seven times
Amelie Carter
Who else was already out by the into???
Me!!😂😂😂😂 love these songs❤️❤️
edits & videos
Lost it 10 sec in the video
Samantha Jacques
I lost on the first song lol 😂
Kay_kay_ Kool
lost with Without Me!
kittyqueen power
I didn't sing but I wanted to soooo bad really for without me😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Kristina Tolson
I almost forgot to sing but some of them I don’t know the song
Mahalia Sibanda
I didn't sing
M.a.y.a Papaya
After I won, I re watched the video and sang the whole time to all meh songs.
Carter Shiveley
I lost at I like it, and This is America, and in my feelings, and The Middle, and Meant to Be, and Taki Taki, and Gods Plan 😂😂
FennecGirl 2435
Made it.
Kendra Garcia
Bruh... I did not sing at all but I do like these songs!
Diji Carr
Young blood made me lost
Montserrat Milian
I didn't sing to the songs it was really easy.
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'I'm Here Too' - Short TRY NOT TO SING **HARD CHALLENGE** 4 weeks ago   15:00

'I'm Here Too' is a short film aimed at teen suicide prevention. Before watching please be warned this film comes with a trigger warning.

You're never alone, it's not just you; I'm here too.

Teenager, Claire Prescott (Carol Elsden), has the perfect life; a family who cherish her, a boyfriend who adores her and friends who admire her, she even has the social respect with over 20,000 followers on Instagram - so why does she suffer from depression? I'm Here Too, tells the touching story, through the eyes of Claire, as she narrates her thoughts and emotions, whilst struggling to uncover the answer to the ultimate question - Is her life worth living? As the emotional journey unfolds, Claire's narrative, explains an intricate and emotional topic in an intelligible way, as she endures the trials and tribulations of her severe depression, but by the time she finally realises she doesn't have to suffer in silence, it may be too late.

Carol Elsden, Brendan Byrne, Natalia Cricri, Zoey O'Loughlin, Davita Van Der Velde and Marissa Kaye.

'Where' - Performed by Tamara Tamburic
'I'm Here Too' - Performed by Helmut Uhlmann

- There are several organisations that provide much of the support and education for people with mental illness and their families and carers, throughout Australia.

If you're suffering or know someone who is, please continue fighting; your story isn't over yet.

A list of resources in Australia can be found at:

Make sure you hit that 'LIKE' button and leave a 'COMMENT' below about what you thought, and don't forget to smash that 'SUBSCRIBE' button to stay up to date.

Extra Links:

- Behind The Scenes:
- Interview with Director Brendan Byrne on Mental Health:
- Instagram:
- Facebook:
- Website:
- Youtube: