Samuel L. Jackson | Samuel L. Jackson's Serena Williams House Tour 1 day ago   02:22

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Samuel L Jackson | Samuel L Jackson's House Tour-2019(Inside & Outside).

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Serena Williams House Tour Samuel L. Jackson | Samuel L. Jackson's 1 day ago   02:37

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Serena Williams House Tour 2016 HD.Serena Williams is no stranger to Snapchat.

And the 34-year-old tennis pro used the app to give fans an impromptu exclusive tour of her Paris on Tuesday.

The sports champion showed off everything from her makeshift bar, to her amazing closet and even her renovated kitchen.She started off the video telling her followers: 'Off to the next destination, Paris.'

It seems she didn't waste any time as as soon as she landed the raven haired tennis pro was quick to take her first video.

In the series of videos, Serena made sure to include her accolades and trophies. She said: 'So here's a tour of my Paris apartment'

She started the tour by showing off one of her prized possessions in the house - her makeshift bar.

The pro then went on to show fans her newly renovated kitchen, her perpendicular office and cools mirrors that were hung everywhere.

She showed in the video a blackboard with a quote on it: Romans 12:12 "Rejoice in hope, Endure under tribulation, Persevere in prayer"'

At the bottom of the verse it said: 'Welcome home! xoxo'

She also showed off her epic wardrobe: 'I can pretend I'm Lion the witch and the wardrobe,' the 34-year-old said.
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