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Here's Why The Worst Condition Slow | Here's What It Cost Me To Own An E55 Amg For 6 Months - At Up-Tube.com

Here's Why the Worst Condition Slow Here's What It Cost Me to Own an E55 AMG for 6 Months 1 day ago   15:21

I often get asked what my favorite car I've ever owned is. And when I give people my top 10 list, they're often surprised at some the the cars that make the list. Here's the thing, some of the best cars I've ever owned are not necessarily the most fun. On this episode we focus on fun and car free driving, and why a beat-up FRS is hard to beat.

#frs #gt86 #m3

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We need more frs content.
S Lee
anyone noticed the fat green caterpillar on the tires?
Michael Cohen
My S2000 has a bunch of dings and scratches. The top is full of patches. I enjoy it more than if it were pristine. I looked at an E92 M3. Salvage title. The area that got hit had a bad repaint job. 50k miles. It drove great. $16.5k. It would be parked outside and winter driven. I think the bad paint would help me enjoy it more. I hear your point about salvage titles.
cloud ix
Another bonus is insurance payouts, I've pocketed over 4k from people hitting my budget daily (Hyundai Tiberon) which i use the money on wheels and tyres on the weekend car lol.
Love your videos man! I was first drawn to the FRS because of the looks and price but worried about lack of power as in the car would be too slow to have fun. Never even thought of having a fun slower car and using all the power it had as a regular thing. I previously had a C5 Corvette and not wanting a ticket always drove the thing easy or fast for a few seconds only to lift off throttle because the power was too much and I was quickly over the speed limit. I usually didn't even break 2500 RPM in it and rarely let it break a sweat. It handled great but I always felt like I used 25% of the car. Using 100% of an FRS sounds like real fun to me!!!
Cody Koala
Bmw's are very, very unreliable :(
Noel Carvajal
My 2018 Miata MX-5 is absolutely the best most fun car I have ever owned period! I have owned 911, M4, 335i etc. A my Miata has no maintenance issues. Best car of all time.
Allan Lai
I’m in the same camp. But I have the tendency to want to “restore” a shitty condition car and make it nice. That’s a temptation I try to resist because then it would ruin the fun.
FunAhead TV
I completely agree! Of course, both “types” of cars are great in their own ways, but your point about there being “freedom” in owning a beat up-ish slow car is dead on; nothing more fun than having a hoon mobile!
Volodymyr Shoniia
Bought a cosmetically imperfect Elise, always beat on it, take it on road trips to national parks, just bought blizzaks for it. 😂
And I only spent around $11k in half a year on parts and labor on repairs and upgrades of stuff 😂😂😂
Daniel F3X
I couldnt disagree more. Great video and honest review but the m3 is relatively a cheap sporty car and not really a collector's car but it is amazing. You gotta pay to play with enthusiasts cars and regardless of price I believe you should always keep the car in good condition i.e. dont park under trees, detail regularly, don't drive into ditches.... etc.

I advocate for driving great cars that you can afford whatever that price range is and taking the best possible car for it but still not blinking twice if something goes wrong. That price point will be different for everyone. But if you can afford the M3 get the M3 over the FRS/BRZ/Toyabasciobaru any day
I completely feel you. I have a modded SRT Challenger, SLK32 AMG and a slightly modded N54. SRT is a beast but it’s rare that I could smash the gas pedal to the floor. I would pedal to the floor in my SLK and N54 and actually enjoy all the horsepower in them.
Thought I was the only one that had these thoughts, been driven a cheep 7th gen Celica, fun to drive, no worries, not alot of zoom zoom but enough, the Gts will eat that Frs for lunch, crumbs all over the seats, who cares
Why are you worried about the m3 getting rained on?
Nate Mallory
I completely agree with your premise. Had an E92 M3 as well and tho an ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECE I have more fun now in my 987.2 base Cayman. The only caveat is my Cayman far from a beater. Had an FR-S as well and wouldn’t have cared if it had been hit by a meteor. Sublime chassis with a cheese grater motor.
Dr.Ryan Moore
I totally get what you are saying and had put this into practice when I had showing Corvettes in the wash and show class. Drove an old beater to work I could eat in and park anywhere ...
Took over a 2015 Lexus GS350 lease for 12 months and 50,000 km. Consumables other than gas were Toyota Camry cheap and reliable. It handles well like the slower cars, but has guts too. I can write it off because of work, and treat it like the BR-Z - don't have to worry about things breaking!
Paul Bowman
Crappy tires makes even a stock 1985 Corolla GTS/AE86 feel like it has 400 horsepower. I speak from experience. (helps with the wheel hop too)
Axa Axa
Why do u even need both. You think driving wreckessly in a car is exciting? Try just a normal cruise on a bike...
SoHo Don
There’s 3 of those so which the more popular one, brz,86 or the frs?
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Here's What It Cost Me to Own an E55 AMG for 6 Months Here's Why the Worst Condition Slow 1 day ago   11:11

Yes, the time with my E55 AMG has come to an end. It has been a wonderful car when it's working, and today we are going to cover how much it cost me to own.

#amg #mercedes #e55