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The Airport Security Freakout - Ah Animated | Paying The Troll Toll | Gta 5 - At Up-Tube.com

The Airport Security Freakout - AH Animated PAYING THE TROLL TOLL | GTA 5 1 day ago   02:14

Achievement Hunter
Michael loses his laptop 15 minutes before a flight to Australia. Is this a airplane story with a happy ending, or will the laptop be forever lost in Austin?
Original audio from: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/KFr_YRhgtAR
Animated by Jaime Aguilar

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I would like to point out we don’t stab people who yell in airports on the east coast. Some people may be confrontational possibly a throwing of fists but not stabbed.
Arturo Garza

I am budgeting my life just like Fiona
Special Fex
Wait people actually helped him?
Phillip Miller
This is my nightmare when traveling
Tiny satan Sierra
Michael saying that they would've stabbed him at the east coast airports is TRUUUU
I love that in the video, everyones just playing switch's instead of doing anything XD
Man, Texas is weird. People are actually helpful.
Sarah Himsel
That Endgame reference in the animation XD
WHAT A FUCKING CHAMPION! Get that guy a medal!
BTW Michael had DEFINITELY told the story already in a different episode.
Fiona's braids here look like they /are/ the earrings instead the earrings only being small hoops.
Man, that first desk person had the neon yellow joy cons.
Kristen Mckinney
DJ Moon
I have an airport story that didn't go nearly as well, prepare for a rant.

In the army, got leave to go home, hadn't been home in almost a year, got to the airport roughly 30 minutes prior to boarding, all is well
10 minutes go by at the appointed boarding location, ok, maybe they are a little behind schedule
another 10 minutes, I ask the nearest other boarding area, they look it up and tell me that it was changed to the other side of the airport, so I haul ass to get to the other side, have to take 2 trams because massive airport, and I get there 2 minutes before they close the doors. Yay!
There is this lady complaining to the attendant, I'm like ok, I'll have to wait until she is done so I can board, 2 minutes go by, the doors shut, I try to get the attention of the lady, she tells me to hold on and to let her deal with the person already there, ok, 5 minutes, plane just left, I ask her again while calling family to let them know I won't make it home on time.
She repeats her previous response, then I hear the person in front of me doesn't even have a ticket, so now I'm pissed that I missed my flight after running across the airport because she is talking with someone that hadn't even bought a ticket. So I try to calm down and ask to speak to her manager to try and sort this out. She looks at me dead in the eye and says " I am the manager " and resumes ignoring me to deal with the other person. So I'm over here, missed my flight home, just ran across the airport with all my gear, I'm tired depressed and really pissed off, call the airport to re-book my flight and explain to them what happened with the manager, they say they will look into it, apologize for what happened and refund me a little for the difference in ticket cost. 6 hours later I get onto the plane and go home.
Moral of the story, always check the flight schedule because they might change the boarding zone 30 minutes prior to the boarding time.
Wait a minute.. why there is Switch in animation? i was sure that Micheal told this story way back i think or im just having dejavu.

weird me out to see it source from 2019.
PurpleCast Media
I was thinking that East Coast would have never been like that and then Micheal said it at the same time
Diretooth Knox
Australia having dog faces at the very beginning is underrated. Good job, animators.
Kat Cuccia
Animated!Fiona is adorable I love her
Otaku Girl
This animation is so so good, it makes the story even better
“Michael used pleas”

“ThreeSA used empty promises”

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PAYING THE TROLL TOLL | GTA 5 The Airport Security Freakout - AH Animated 1 day ago   04:43

It's GTA 5 and today Ben is forced to pay the troll toll.
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