THE PRODIGY Clip: "He's Here" CHILD'S PLAY Official Trailer 6 months ago   01:05

Orion Pictures
What’s wrong with Miles? Watch this sneak peek to find out, and don’t miss #TheProdigyMovie in theaters February 8.

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Charles Cooks
they could of saved him if they acted sooner instead waiting so long to act on it
Chris Corley
Glad to see this is doing ok financially, small potatoes. Hang in there.
Memesworld :3
This kid is seriously me
Tracey DiBrango
Hate it
ily amanda
yeah hes so smart, he says hes inside ''here'' and he cant even say somethings inside his body haha
DubiousTrain58 • DT58
The Prodigy movie should be blocked.
Christian Lamarr
Thats the most eeriest thing I seen in a long while this producer is twisted! He knows what exactly to do what music all that!! For this little boy to be sleep and than just wake up out of nowhere panting scares the fuck outta me and makes feel weird
Rebekah Atkins
That is actually my cousin Jackson😂😂😂😂
I swear she was 18
I thought he was whispering something so I turned my headphones all the way up then he woke up and I fell out of bed
Amanda Rogers
Little miles is so cute awww!
Mum seems terrified
Vincent Rodriguez
So there's a creepo stalking this 😴 kid in his head.
Desu Chan
I think what’s wrong with miles is that he’s being possessed by a ghost or demon.
Safari Prospekt
The Colorization Channel
I think this kid should be cast as Timmy in a Jurassic Park remake
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CHILD'S PLAY Official Trailer THE PRODIGY Clip: "He's Here" 6 months ago   01:14

The wait is over, your best friend has arrived. From the producers of IT comes Child’s Play, in theaters June 21. #ChildsPlayMovie