Kehlani - Nights Like This Halsey - Without Me 2 months ago   04:31

kehlani parrish
Kehlani's Nights Like This (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) available now:

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Billie baylor
Kehlani fine af tho
lwgy r
Symbolism is 👌🏻
Jasmine G. Hill
1:53 😂
Alexis Wallace
I listen to this song when I reminisce on past relationships and it makes me cry because I really do miss my ex's. Why can't we just stay friends with our ex's and just text them to check up on them or just tell them how we feel? I feel like that would help so many peoples mental health tbh. Embrace mental health in 2019 and let's just all try to grow into the human being we need to be.
Tyrone Montgomery
The gay/bi angle yet still got pregnant by a man
Istarted It
🔥❤️ I’m so late but 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💞
thomas wiederhoeft
stellar. music and video symbiosis
khadija ahmed
I only listened to its music and after watching the vid I think I am stupid
L0ve D0LLY
Am I the only one getting an abby vibes?
Noor Moustafa
I cannot get enough of this song it’s legit my favourite I can’t stop hearing it over an over
shanz belir
arghhhhhh baby..damn u so cute @kehlanim
Abdul Hakeem
All i hear is that amazing voice,khelani
Eujin Jung
Does anyone else wait for Chris Brown to start singing?
Marcus Riley
Love the song, if you're curious what this would like with a rock guitar solo take a listen to what I just laid on this ;)
Jesse Garcia
On some nights like this I just want to text you but for what!?
m.b.m.l :p
Love you kehlani 💘💘
Rebecca Chadwick
How is this not at a billion views?
Aurison Sithole
Omi gosh my life is music
Zakariya Hirsi
Love this song
Shanice Brown
Sooo, Kehlani is gay? I was confused by the lyrics but y’alls comments are just going right over them..
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Halsey - Without Me Kehlani - Nights Like This 2 months ago   03:57

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