Dropping Out of College for Silicon Valley [in]genius: facebook's youngest engineer 2 days ago   10:56

Patrick Ellis
My story: Why I dropped out of a top university and moved to San Fransisco to join a tech startup as a Software Engineer.

I made the decision to leave my path to a Computer Science degree at the University of Washington in Seattle to San Francisco, working as a Software & Product Engineer for a 3-person funded B2B startup in the mobile SaaS space.


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Cesare Borgia
In my opinion, anyone who doesn’t go through the rigor of a college engineering, math, or physics program will always be a subpar candidate. I’m sure you rely on more experienced engineers in your startup. It’s true that being a CEO or a CTO of a company doesn’t require that much engineering experience, but if you’re going to pass as an engineer, and you didn’t make it through high school level calculus, I have bad news...
yonas seyoum
You want to be famous and successful. Good luck, 🍀
Nathan Mars
I wish you all the best mate! I think you're following your heart and this is the best way to make difficult decision.
Monopoly Vegeta
Proud of you man finally someone that values time over school
Very good video, I am in a very similar situation but computer engineering. I make iOS apps and am in two startups, I'm very close to pulling the plug. This was a good watch, thanks!
James P.
great story..I really admire people who take a leap of faith, it was a good decision to go to silicon valley where they care about how good you are and not your titles
John Howard III
how are things going now? your work sounds rewarding!
MSD Productions
hey thanks for this video! i'm midway through my 2nd year and although I have learned some valuable information I feel like the education pathway is killing my passion for technology... :/
Terrell Jones
Wow this is dope!
Cameron Blackwell
Thank you so much Patrick. Could you please make a video on how to build a strong start up team. Thanks again man this really is the video I was looking for.
Lal Bahadur Budha
Great inspiration! more videos pls!
Practical Nonsense
Good luck my man.

Adrian Jones
very inspirational.  ROOTING FOR YOU!
Thomas Tullis
Love this, Patrick! I'm looking forward to seeing more videos from you!
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[in]genius: facebook's youngest engineer Dropping Out of College for Silicon Valley 2 days ago   15:44

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