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Ahead of the Conservative leadership contest in the UK, pro-Brexit MP Mark Francois has criticized outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May and said the withdrawal agreement with the EU is "dead as a dodo."
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Alex Boothe
FYI the court dismissed this ridiculous legal case referenced in this interview vindicating Mark Francois.
I would not want to be on the wrong side of this interviewer.
The pompous irritating interviewer reassured me i made the correct decision voting to leave. If there was another referendum i am sure even more would vote to leave. The public dont like having the piss taken out of them by people like Tim Sebastion and other blatant re moaners.
Kolton Mitchell
whats up with this interviewer?
pertinent interviewer. francois the parrot didnt know the south from the north.
Steven Angus
So who is a bona fide brexiteer ? Francois and the ERG don't trust Johnson.
Snaige gerute123
I really want to see the UK tof off with no deal, and ppl like this one in charge -he would be eaten alive
Stu Gerwyn
Almost all gotcha questions...poor interviewer!
Gary Holt
Some interviewers deserve to lose their jobs and this bloke is at the top of my list.
Nigel cockburn
PMT Mays heart was never in leaving, now tell 50 Million people something that we didnt already know. WHY didnt he confront her and demand action?
The Sniper
Yet another remainer ,trying to discredit all brexiteers !! Treason means treason what do you call it ?
Oliver Grumitt
The job of a journalist in an interview is to ask tough and critical questions to the interviewee, no matter what his or her
Opinions and beliefs are. I hope and I believe that Tim Sebastian would ask similarly tough and critical questions to
A remained as he has in this interview with a leaver. I look forward to Mr. Sebastian interviewing a Remainer before too long.
Negative Remainer Interviewer should do his homework.
Janet Frances Wright
THAT was not an interview it was an out and out attempt to discredit and bully Mark Francois. It is precisely this sort of thing that is causing the ever increasing divide in this country. I wanted to hear Marks ideas but he was stopped at every turn from expressing them - SICKENING!!!!
This King Gammon could not wait to get his beaten sweaty arse out of the room.
By ‘hardline’ you mean a normal Brexit the people voted for. We voted to leave, not remain half in.
Walter Batch
Well done MARK. You educated your interviewer on the simple points of Democracy but he could not understand in plain English. You had a difficult job but you ended with dignity.
Psithurism 12:49
"17.4 million British people voted to leave that's the biggest vote we've ever had in this country on any proposition ever in our entire history as a nation."
*I don't know about that one chief*

33,551,983 votes = 72% of registered voters.
33,614,074 votes = 78% of registered voters.('92 GE)
Bartosz Brozek
Leaving without a hand shake, mr politician got pissed off, what a loser
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The Rise and Fall of Theresa May | NowThis UK Conservative Brexiteer: PM May's heart 2 months ago   10:22

Theresa May relinquishes her leadership of the UK Conservative Party tomorrow — here’s what you should know about her legacy.
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In world news now and Brexit news today, the Theresa May resignation (Brexit related) is set to happen today June 7. We recently saw the Theresa May resignation speech signaling to the UK and the world that the conservative leader would be stepping down.

Theresa May resigned from office on a bitter note ,her tenure dominated by what was largely regarded as failure after failure in the drama of one of the most divisive, confusing, and heavily-covered news events of the past couple years: the country’s impending exit from the European Union.

In the years since the Brexit vote, May has negotiated with parliament and the EU in an effort to arrange a deal that both sides would agree on. Resultantly, every deal she’s attempted to pass has failed.

In March 2019, she even offered to resign if the latest version of her deal passed. It didn’t.

It’s also worth noting that not long after the Brexit vote, she became the first world leader to meet with U.S. President Trump after his inauguration, and despite hopes of a U.S. - UK trade deal that would offset the losses of leaving the EU - she didn’t really establish a rapport with Trump.

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