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Here's Why The Brz / Frs Will Suffer The Same | Best Brz/frs Turbocharger / Supercharger - At Up-Tube.com

Here's Why the BRZ / FRS Will Suffer the Same Best BRZ/FRS Turbocharger / Supercharger 1 day ago   12:20

It's been 10 years since the last s2000 was sold new in 2009. For such an amazing car, it was a shame that Honda didn't keep making it in some fashion. Sadly, I'm here to share that the Scion FRS / Subaru BRZ / Toyota GT86 are soon to follow in the same footsteps. Stick around for this weeks episode where I give you all the facts about where these cars are headed.

#brz #frs #gt86

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I love these two platforms, please Subaru and Toyota, keep them going!
Chandler Smith
Well turns out you were wrong the second gen 86 is already in the works and confirmed
Katherine Diaz
next gen gt86 will have a turbo and will remain at the same price range. but nice try bud! the mr2 will be priced above the gt86 and the supra will remain on top. the 3 brother are coming back, dont sleep on it!
Not hard to figure that they should have offered the WRX turbo motor soon after launch in an "S" or "R" model. It would be embarrassing to own a sporty looking car that gets smoked by GTI's.
You really need to go back and do your research bud. There were more changes to the engine for the 2017 model than just the ECU and manifold. There were also more cosmetic changes than just the LED taillights. Look up the pdf on ft86club forums that details the numerous changes that were made in 2017. Also, as mentioned, a 2nd generation of the twins has already been confirmed.
Bdog 86
f20c swap a frs
To be honest all anyone ever buys now is SUVs so I don’t think Subaru/Toyota are making the BRZ/GT86 or GR Supra and think they will sell loads. I think it is so they have that area of the market covered, and probably saw what some consumers wanted.
KiraOnii Chan
You made this a little over 2 weeks ago and it was already confirmed in march this year a second gen is coming
Robert Gonzalez
They are in a price range where there is a lot of cars. A new brz/86 is about $30k or so some can range up to $35k. This means it’s more expensive then a Miata you can also get a base gt mustang, camaro ss, and more expensive then all there lower models and all thes models have over 100hp and 100tq. And the weight difference is like 300lbs. Need to come down on price.
I'd be kinda irritated if I bought a 200hp BRZ and in two years they bumped the power to 235hp.

Kinda like how Mazda bumped the Miatas power from 155 to 181 in 2019.
Needs an Engine refresh. Subaru knows most people want another 30-50hp. Styling is nice. I would never buy a four door WRX. That's just me. A 250hp BRZ ,Heck yeah !
lilnigga12 got money
U Could have just gave the car away instead
Trying to smash my fav. car with an axe... PREPARE TO DIE!
Bill Kim
To make a car people want, Subaru should delete the rear seats, cut the wheel base down a bit, make it a convertible and give it the STI treatment. NO ONE would fit into that segment then, a 250-300 hp convertible in an affordable segment? Yeah, no one would be able to touch them.
Bill Kim
Except the BRZ/FRS isn't a sports car, it's a coupe. Technically speaking a sports car is front engine, rear drive so you've got it there, but a sports car is convertible. and only has two seats. Just saying.
The next Gen brz/86 has already been confirmed
This video had me worried since, I wanted to purchase one of these as a project car. Only the future will tell, but I REALLY hope that Subaru, scion, and Toyota update these.
Preston meeker
At least they didn’t do like Chevy and change so much and fast they are discontinuing
Reese Qualls
What are your wheel and tire specs?
King Zein
I want it so badddd
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Best BRZ/FRS Turbocharger / Supercharger Here's Why the BRZ / FRS Will Suffer the Same 1 day ago   06:38

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The 2018 DSPORT 86 Challenge Presented by ENEOS is the ultimate forced-induction guide for the Toyota 86, Scion FR-S, and Subaru BRZ.

We tested five of the most popular forced-induction systems so you know which one is the right kit for your driving needs.

With our scoring system, you will know the strength and weaknesses of each forced induction system so you choose the right one for your 86/FR-S/BRZ.

Forced Induction Systems Evaluated:

HKS Turbocharger
GReddy Turbocharger
AVO Turbocharger
Vortech Centrifugal Supercharger
Edelbrock Supercharger

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