Avengers Infinity War Cast Will CHRIS PRATT is on our Game Show! 1 day ago   11:53

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Bella Kok
“This Chris was voted sexiest man alive.”
“There was only one of them?”
Eden Simmons
He looks like someone that would do that
Robert Emery
Could never find out what that song is at the end. You'd hear it in Liza Koshy's videos.
Loki Odinson
*Tom hiddleston* my Brother of a other Mom* me: LOL I LOVE U HE MY FAVORITE
gaming badger
Angie Cox
So they were discussing Avengers 4 not having a title.  I wonder if the Russos had a name already in mind since Dr. Strange said "we are in the endgame now" in infinity war.
nicks 001
Its crazy how little they know about things in the film
Nightthorn k'Vala
The MCU casts alway seem to get along and enjoy each others company so much. I have to wonder why, in the 11 years since Iron Man first premiered, I've never seen Gwyneth Paltrow (Pepper Potts) joining the group in even one interview or event.
EGL Edits
Elizabeth Olsen is a queen
Enamino Yvonne
Why did Chris start laughing like that!😂😂
killswitch Haveyear
That COMA thing really cracked me up! LMAO
Arvylen Ebo
6:03 I came for this😂
Gacha Girl Izzy
“Please name all of the infinity stones”

yEllOw bLuE rEd gReeN... gOlD... r0sE gOlD...
Gloria Garcia
I hope Benedict is in this :)
Edit:yay he was 💗
Dani Fallon
1:44 I've seen this interview probably a million times and I only just realized that they all switched their name tags. Lmao I'm dumb
Victoria Elizabeth Tirado Hidalgo
5:00 jajajajsjajjsjaja seb's mom didn't stay for the post-credit scene 😂 I ❤ them so much
I love this cast..lol
Oofus Doofus
When Anthony and Chris we’re comparing themselves to meat I just thought of Nat coughing while saying, “testosterone” in age of ultron and my family was mildly concerned as to why I was laughing so hard
Sarah Mcdonald
Anthony has no filter and also makes no sense and I love it
7:28 that laugh. That damn laugh
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CHRIS PRATT is on our Game Show! Avengers Infinity War Cast Will 1 day ago   15:25

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Chris Pratt relives his Twitter history and surprises super-fans Courtney and Olivia when he joins us for You Posted That!

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