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Mma Community Reacts To The Entertaining Fight | Most Exhausted Fighters In Mma - At Up-Tube.com

MMA Community reacts to the entertaining fight Most Exhausted Fighters In MMA 2 days ago   10:15

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Comments 1032 Comments

Mike "The Nigerian Nightmare" Perry
Andrew Cruz
Andrei needs a win ....now !
Cellflipparachi TonPar
I just fought with the guy with face tattoos and I didn’t know he was fighting yesterday
Perry is a bum and there is a hype job every week now. The fight was terrible, two bums. Bum fights.
Who the fuck still doesn't like Mike Perry? Yes he's a baffoon! But he's a lovable baffoon
Josh From Jersey
Pretty sure Mike Perry will be starring in the next Black Panther movie.
Sdotbell MMA
That 2% African is probably South African which would actually place him with Dutch heritage which would mean he’s still 100% which means he can’t say nigga.. and we need someone to whoop his ass for saying it
Ben Saunders needs to FUCKIN retire!!! So does arlovski!!!!
em luu
I'm upset about that main event though but I still respect jack.
walter williams
Perry’s been great since the beginning. Next welterweight champion for sure
terrance thomas
I dont care if the main event of a card is Jesus Christ vs Muhammed Ali, if Greg hardy is on the main card i will not be watching. That man does not belong in the ufc.
LMAO about that Mike Perry video at the end!
razzle dazzle
Hahahaha Ngannou the piece of shit 😂😂😂
noah rateau
Idk how anyone can feel sorry for souza but people like bisping had to wait what like 27 fights to become a champion? Just gotta be patient.
Butt Scratcher
Mike Perry a constant reminder that Florida goes hard. That Southern recipe .
This is why I watch til the end LOL
Jimmy Tweedale
Shouldve put usman in there saying naija 25 times
Jimmy Tweedale
Forrrrrsurrrre do nottt compare yourself to Micheal Jordan
p powell141
Greg hardy needs to fight true warriors before acting like he’s the next big thing. DC would wrestle fuck him&Ngannou would knock his ass out back to the nfl
Dominick when someone's in a choke :
That is it Ladies and Gentlemen ! That's all she wrote . That' it !
Also Dominick when he gets injured ... again : That is it Ladies and Gentlemen ! That's all she wrote . That' it !
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Most Exhausted Fighters In MMA MMA Community reacts to the entertaining fight 2 days ago   08:24

Cardio plays an important role in almost all sports, but its especially important in MMA. This is a list of fighters who fatigued themselves to the point of complete exhaustion, and either gassed out because they gave it their all, or because they decided to skip cardio day.

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Written & Edited by TheMontageKingMMA

Voiced by Mike DelGaudio