Emblem Overlay Tutorial How To Plastidip Your Emblems-Black Out Your 2 months ago   03:23

This video is a Tutorial for applying Nicko's Graffix Vinyl decal Wrap Emblem Overlay. Kits can be purchased in my eBay store, link is below=)


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Mandeep Chatha
I keep getting spots of red showing around the edges.. for some reason i cant get a clean stick with the wrap.
Chris Bowman
I painted my GMC emblem with bed liner and it looks better than the vinyl
Madson Pimentek
What color is that?
Robert Isola
The heat gun ruined my overlay, I did it cold and it came our great
Annie Gibson
will this stand up to car washes also? I live in the desert, how will it handle HEAT???
Annie Gibson
where do I purchase this? I need to Black out the front grill emblem & the smaller emblem on the back lift gate door?
Leandro Rocha
is veri good...
Carson Ingram
Just purchased from your ebay account!
Looks great!
francisco garcia
Does vinyl stick pretty good to like the plastic on mirrors? I wanna do mine
Cipriana C
My chevy symbol has some kind of texture feel to it. Do you know if it stick the same?
Chris Le
FYI not trying to be a D but heat doesn't it make it "adhere," it only makes it more pliable and stretchable on the nagging contours. For a small flat surface like that you didn't even need the heat gun.
marky mark
Meow at 0:58 or am I trippin'?
Will Sartin
How is the weather resistance of the heated on vinyl?
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How To Plastidip Your Emblems-Black Out Your Emblem Overlay Tutorial 2 months ago   11:50

In this video, I show you how to Plasti Dip your car's emblems! It is really easy to do, and it can really enhance the look of your car. I used black plasti dip for the emblems on my car, and I am completely happy with the end result. I always wanted to black out my badges, and the spray can of plasti dip allowed me to do it EASILY! In addition, I can peel it off whenever I want the emblems to be the original color!

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