Why societies collapse | Jared Diamond What's hidden under the Greenland 3 months ago   19:48

http://www.ted.com Why do societies fail? With lessons from the Norse of Iron Age Greenland, deforested Easter Island and present-day Montana, Jared Diamond talks about the signs that collapse is near, and how -- if we see it in time -- we can prevent it.

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Aj Knaup
Wow, Jared! It's amazing how you know so much about the Norse in Greenland -- that they all died out, that the collapse of their society was all about resources, had nothing to do with, say, the Solar Minimum which occurred about the time their society ended.
Abel Leever
Building Christian cathedrals contributed to collapse? Not buying that one.
Abel Leever
This fucking idiot can't even comb his hair.
Djelari Ghana
societies collapse from religion. spiritual societies never collapse unless they are invaded by religious people.
''The things that get you in trouble are also the source of your strength''.
They're Alive!
This is super interesting, though, I just can't watch! 🙈
Aaron Humphrey
he reminded me of Bill Murry in KIng Pin
Fave O. Ritt
Societies fail because of rap
Fave O. Ritt
Societies fail because of boring lectures
Fave O. Ritt
Societies fail because of greed
Fave O. Ritt
👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻 Most societies collapse when their lecturers start sporting really bad comb overs!
Eric Sondrol
Please stop taking your glasses on and off
Ace's Cafe
Oversimplified unenlightened rubbish. One should never make narcissistic predictions on YouTube. By the way; why no mention of the Roman Empire?
Samwisegamgee The Brave
societies collapse. liberalism and food shortages
layne levins
I cant trust anything a man says if he cannot fix his own hair before a presentation.
John Lenin
Because every society has its Trumptards.
Elizabeth Gomez
Back when ted talks were amazing.
Kirstin Strand
I see there is a method to minimize TROLLS .
Marc Padilla
We're basically a stick in the mud like Greenland. Preventive wise,that is,regardless of knowing what the problems are.The alites as he pronounces them are probably right in insulating themselves because dependants certainly can't solve the problems they obviously helped create. They want the alites to fix the problems.
Kirstin Strand
My conclusion is, from reading most comments. is that most people here are not only UNCONSCIOUS but also STUPID.
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What's hidden under the Greenland Why societies collapse | Jared Diamond 3 months ago   09:02

The Greenland ice sheet is massive, mysterious -- and melting. Using advanced technology, scientists are revealing its secrets for the first time, and what they've found is amazing: hidden under the ice sheet is a vast aquifer that holds a Lake Tahoe-sized volume of water from the summer melt. Does this water stay there, or does it find its way out to the ocean and contribute to global sea level rise? Join glaciologist Kristin Poinar for a trip to this frozen, forgotten land to find out.

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