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Closer - Sci-Fi Short Movie | Unearthed - A Short Film By Dalang - At Up-Tube.com

CLOSER - Sci-Fi Short Movie UNEARTHED - A SHORT FILM By Dalang 11 months ago   19:24

Riviera Film
Sci-Fi Short Film Directed by Angelo Licata.
Officiale page: http://lordsofillusion.com/closer/

Something terrifying is happening to the Earth. Luke and Sarah, unaware of the danger, are just worried about having a passionate offhand camping weekend. Two unexpected guests will ruin their plans.

***Sottotitoli in italiano disponibili*** Cliccare l'apposito pulsante.

Comments 2511 Comments

cseven B9C
That is great..make a full movie
giovanni mazariegos
to stupid, the allien could not kill him but the human, haha
Mahfuz Kabir
Terminator2 + Man of steel + predator
Effective Reading Instruction
Nothing like booby grab comedy to breakup the seriousness of a sci-fi
U Tube User Commenting
I hope the continuation is not long in coming!
First sy-fi short I’ve ever watched and it did not disappoint.
Mike Qeetus
Now is it closer, to finish or closer, nearer?
Flat Eric
There was some cute ass in the film ,Or did I miss something ?
Vaya chorrada.
tito tobar
Parece un ovni, de impulso magnético.
Juan Ortega C.
Muchos lo estamos solo es cuestion de un poco más. En luz y amor.
MICH 369
¿The second part???
¡¡¡Buenísimo!!! Sigan, por favor.
Azim Alli
Closer Full movie hindi me
GEE, thanks to that Alien this guy will now have all the power to please his girlfriend. And many more.
john goodall
I always say it pays to carry a spare!!!
tito tobar
Como una vecina, que vive a veinte millones de años luz de distancia, nada más!
tito tobar
Por eso quiere viajar a la velocidad de la luz,para reunirse con. Su familia, esposa e hijos.
tito tobar
Quizás se parecen a la actriz, y tienen ojos amarillos.
tito tobar
También existen otras familias en el universo, y se reproducen de alguna manera, natural o artificial, no creen?
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UNEARTHED - A SHORT FILM By Dalang CLOSER - Sci-Fi Short Movie 11 months ago   22:07

On the edge of space, a mining ship, The Ezekiel, finds an uncharted planet that reveals signs of a possible fuel resource. Two crew members undertake a mission to the desolate rock to take samples for later analysis. The mission goes well until they unearth a dark and terrifying truth.

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