3 Types of Kevin Sanjaya SERVE Badminton-The Must Tactical Skills 11 months ago   05:18

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Kevin Sanjay Sukamuljo rose to fame in badminton from nowhere.
Nobody saw him coming. And now he is a celebrity in Indonesia. His service has been a point of debate for the last couple of years now. Do you think his flick service was the main reason behind the implementation of the 115 cms service rule?

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Chinese,you don't deserved other players trick
Edward Applebaum
Pretty poor video. No close ups on Serve number 1 and 3. For close ups on Serve 2 go to 3:05 And no narration to teach about the serve.
Edward Applebaum
Unfortunately, no ral instruction here.
Rokokhoto Natso
Looks almost illegal serve though
Kyser Palpeg
Subscribe or link in the description below so u can get the tutorial of Kevin’s second SERVE
H Sanjeev Kumar
How are these in any way illegal?why are the opponents complaining?
Badminton Shaheen
I want to learn flick serve...
Desi Susanti
Nanay Mo
when recieving a serve why do you recieve it while the shuttle is spinning can u not recieve it when its going down?
Ankur Vashishtha
@2:06 he is very high above the waist
Fatima Shari
Wahhh... kebuka semua deh rahasianya😂 niat banget lagi videonya ampe detail begini
sonic sky
Sunarto Masto
What song?
sugam mittal
Sahi khel gaya bencho
Ayu Safitri
Minions emang MBOIS haha!
Rafqi Fajrin
*4:33* Disini membuktikan kalo cina emang dewanya peniru yang hebat 😅😅🤣🤣👍
Swasti Ananda Songi
I Don't understand the punch service... please anyone understand it to me
OmuDin Official
Markis kido 💪💪🙏
Thiagu J
5.17 to 5.18, its illegal , head up
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Badminton-The Must Tactical Skills 3 Types of Kevin Sanjaya SERVE 11 months ago   07:50

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