Best Goals Against Former 10 Times Sergio Ramos Hunted 5 months ago   08:13

JackieMT 2nd

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Matt H.
Lewandowski against Dortmund.... That one's tough....
Fair XD
I hate firmino but l love salah
Francisco Ramirez
Lukaku was not in chealsea chealsea wanted him dumbass
Ramos gave zero fucks lol
Interactive Science
Music is bad
Sh.O Junus
James Rodriguez
The best
Sh.O Junus
Best video
hermany cardozo
If I scored a goal against my former club I go wild 😜 and jump into the crowds of my former club 🤣
Abdelrahman Badr
Ramos finish was mean
Abdelrahman Badr
Ramosas finish was mean
Maryam Omar
James and Salah respect
1:17 respect??
The Predatorz
Mohamed Salah is a good man
murylo Authentique
James Rodríguez #respect
Caua Nascimento
Lukaku nunca foi do Chelsea
King Of the world
Firmino has no respect
boy kampung
Bale good
Mohammed Faisal
Some of these were celebrated like Firminho Lukaku and Welbeck
Pop Vasile
first goal .......
Saif Ullah Khan
Firmino's celebration is not respectful, it just makes him look like a massive egotistical c*nt!
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10 Times Sergio Ramos Hunted Best Goals Against Former 5 months ago   03:44