Cleaning pots and pans Fox Village in Zao Japan! 蔵王きつね村・kitsune mura 1 week ago   03:31

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Today I thought I'd show how I clean pots and pans. I used to make all kinds of cooking mistakes where I accidentally burned my pans but fortunately I know an easy way to clean them up!

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In Japan, traditionally we clean our houses (and tools we use in daily life) thoroughly near the end of the year. This time I decided to clean some of my pots and pans. Hope you'll enjoy it!
Chillin Chillin
Nice story💖Japanese stanp present🗻🌊🌄🎊🌸🎇🎑🎆🎋🎏🎎💐🎉😁😸
udusizjahjakzeywhabdkambs shsjakbs
Creí que los gatos las iban a limpiar con la lengua :v stoy bn mense
Those cats are incredibly beautiful! Heartbreaking!
mikaela madrigal
Good thing JunKitchen exists... I always burn the rice and I've no idea 💡 on how to clean... my poor nails already suffered so much by scratching it daily... who would have thought a mere baking soda would save my hands for eternity
Lisa H
Thank you for posting this video! Very informative!
Zocker 5026
cool cats you nice dude :)
Derpy Dew
*Even better than 5 minute crafts*
* Common Sense *
You could say this method is “lit”

I’ll leave
zxczxc11502 โมบาย 51
Steltzer Sketching
I would love if you did a video on Japanese table manners 💗
moon mo
It’s Awesome 😻
정말 일등 주부이 십니다!!♡♡♡
좋은 팁 알아가요
Mimosa Snape/Tonks
what kind of tree do you have in the kitchen?
bryan garcia
Now you have to clean another pot and sifter too lol
ScreaM y
anyone know what's the gas stove he uses?????
answer me pls :TT
jun please please please upload more i genuinely love watching your videos
Malgarzhata Sweet
Beautiful cats
King Fire
Make mochi rice cake toppings.
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Fox Village in Zao Japan! 蔵王きつね村・kitsune mura Cleaning pots and pans 1 week ago   04:59


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We went with Sharla and Chris to the Fox Village at Mt. Zao!! It was the most incredible place I've been in my life! I highly, highly recommend this for anyone visiting Japan. However, getting there is a bit tricky! You either need to drive a car, take an expensive taxi, or catch a questionable ride on a city bus in a city southwest of Sendai called Shiroishi. The details are on the website (in Japanese). The bus costs 200 yen and doesn't actually stop at Fox Village, so apparently you need to tell the driver to stop there AND pick you up again on the way back, lol. Good luck adventuring?!
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