Stop the nonsense, the Warriors still BEST of Stephen Curry vs Damian 2 days ago   04:22

Rachel Nichols, Brian Windhorst and Richard Jefferson discuss the Golden State Warriors after their Game 1 victory vs. the Portland Trail Blazers in the Western Conference finals of the 2019 NBA playoffs, and whether they prefer life with Stephen Curry leading the way now that Kevin Durant is out with an injury.

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American Flying Hawk
Oh for Gods sakes....Durant isn't going anywhere! Look where "Lame James " is at now, ( sitting in a recliner with a remote in his hands )!!! My fear is that he was dumb enough to listen to Stephen A. and moved to LA because, " hey, Stephen A. said it was a good idea "! Wow...'Brony' left a team that was at least getting to the Championship series every year! Doesn't anybody remember when Durant and OKC got smoked by the Warriors in the playoffs? So you seriously think that Durant is going to move to some Lame ' Lottery ' team (LA) where they can take a few years to build the team around him (LeBron) and he's going to forfeit (Rings) which he keeps sliding on his fingers each year! WTF do you think he left OKC for? If you are a Knicks ' knucklehead ' listen up! You're not getting Keven Durant! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!
KD is a ring chasing punk. He not only ruined his own legacy, he's ruined the Warriors and screwed up the NBA. I hope he's out for the rest of the playoffs but they will now rest this punk till the finals and he will get yet another finals MVP. It's obvious the Warriors would be just as successful without KD. They won a title + 73 games before him. Never should have happened.
MJ Yap
For a warriors fan. It's disrespectful to us when you seperate KD and 'the warriors'. It's like you're saying we got 2 championship because we got help from a non warriors player. KD is a Warrior! YOU GUYS NEED TO STFU!
HotRod Knows
The media wants someone to say that that don't need KD so bad. Get over it. Find a new topic
Emm Jayy
You idiots are such a waste of life. How long have you all been talking about KD & AD leaving or being traded? Over a year? Has anything happened yet? What the fuck is the point?
Willinoy Sitorus
The nba spectators want to push Warriors ego. the fact is that you have bunch of stars that have strong ego for the team, not for their individual interest. This is rare.
Speaking as a warriors fan. This has not been a major issue for me.
RJ a straight GSW salty boy. They played a hurt Steph and then adding KD to the roster would just mean they wouldn't have to face him on another team. Eitherway you slice it, Cavs and the rest of the league would take the L. Live with it. Just like the previous year when warriors got their ring against Lebron with his hurt roster, the Cavs got a free ring on a shell of a full force GSW team. He needs to stop sounding so confident like he'd have more hardware cause that isn't the case.
Popstar Pac
The warriors dynasty is the most fraudulent dynasty EVER!
Can't Beat The BAY!
4:20 + 1 ... Smoke on.
Rich at Large
They weren't "unbeatable" with KD. They were tied 2-2 vs. Houston and were down by 3 points in the 3rd quarter of Game 5 when he got hurt.
Rich at Large
A healthy KD is required to beat the Bucks, because of their length.
Hard Ball
Warriors won four games now without KD. How many games do Warriors have to win without KD for the media to stop saying Warriors need KD. Remember; this is the Warrior who lost two games to Rockets with KD playing healthily.
Strengths in numbers lol More like stacked NBA team in numbers. Having an all-star lineup fair?
Stephen White
What if kd decides to leave, and Leonard decides to join
They want Durant, but they need to give him less touches on the ball so Thompson and Curry get hot. Durant playing ISO/HERO ball carrying the Warriors is how they lose the NBA FINALS.
taca lucy
These sports shows are more about gossips now
Alice Johnson Four Eyed Pig
The fatty literally had idea what he was talking about.
Right Richard Jefferson! They're only 29-1 in their last 30 games w/out him. Totally unacceptable.
2quick4 u
The Warriors are not unbeatable with KD, actually it is the opposite.. if KD had not got injured they would have lost against HOU, just like last year if Paul had not got injured.
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BEST of Stephen Curry vs Damian Stop the nonsense, the Warriors still 2 days ago   07:05

Check out the 2019 Western Conference Finals matchup preview between Stephen Curry vs Damian Lillard!
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