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China-U.s. Trade War Doesn't Make | - At Up-Tube.com

China-U.S. Trade War Doesn't Make 4 months ago   05:31

Bloomberg Technology
Jun.14 -- Elevation Partners co-founder Roger McNamee discusses the economic impact of the ongoing trade war between the U.S. and China and the outlook for Apple Inc.'s valuation with Bloomberg's Emily Chang on "Bloomberg Technology."

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Mr. Cosmos
This USA China trade war is just like the British America war.
Here, China is a trade colony of USA trying to break free while the USA wants to keep it subservient.
Terry Yerry
The tarriffs do bring the loosers out of the wood work ! They all probably had a vested interest in America in a bad trade deal ! No make no mistake America is making some money back now way way way way way more than we were before the king Trumpster take over ! The looser scum hate that he is a winner very very smart man ! Ya ya don't have no pussy at the realm here no not here.
Terry Bishop
lets just nuke each other and get it over with
Jose de la Cuadra
Talking heads throw casually around the word “trade war” notwithstanding the administration’s assertions it is a trade negotiation to level the playing field. China has imposed 25 percent on our exports to China, the U.S. - 2 percent. Wall Street greed sadly feed i to the ‘trade war’ label because they are in shock Pres. Trump is draining the swamp.
Dondatta Ford
That American arrogance is loosing it's way tariffs are a wound to the American economy
Bo Lee
Putin hates China, so Trump hates China and doing his bidding by starting a unnecessarily trade war
Banana Republic
Trump just wants economic turmoil to get the fed cut interest rate, so he can pay his loans at a lower interest rate. His 0% APR loans are coming due soon.
Trump 2020.
Jack Lee
US economists helping Trump never read Adam Smith"s "Wealth of Nations" where labor specialization is key to growing nation's wealth. Trump is saying that only goods made in US benefit the world. In history, there hasn't been another worst economic dictatorship like the Trump Administration.
If you were a chinese watching a Chinese company is smashed by another governmental power, what is your emotional urge for that? People around me voiced out changing their phone choice from Apple to Huawei. This is what Trump cannot foresee. BTW, Huawei is much a rational choice of price-function indeed.
Jack McCaig
Your video is fake news.

In God WE Trust/USA Inc. Proof

James Petrycia
China is manipulating the market. Greedy CEO's are being suckered in.
gene eu
unpredictable is TRUMP 'S motto
Kevin Rucker
You are a frigging retard because china wants to be the leader in their economy over the world and getting rich off the U S
Dennis Nelson
Can we open Reeducation camp's here? Human Organ Harvesting can come here? Humanity is dead to these people. Go corporate bubble people!
Trump is doing EXACTLY what president Hoover did and got us into the great depression.. which is why they were out of power for 60years
We've forgotten just how evil they are
Stop with whining about stealing IP, American company gave it freely, they signed these contracts knowing the pitfall. But money & profits matters. Now China caught up, & all I hear is WHINES by the hours. IF USA invested in giving brightest American TECH kids free education, it could stay ahead by innovations to the next level.. who knows. Maybe They be on 5G already. They dropped the balls, thinking they could ALWAYS import cheap labor & plastic goods for years to come from China. Soon as they found it losing the AI & Tech race. Its all out trade wars by tariffs.. too late.
Gentle man
America is jealous and doing anything possible to beat the competitors if that including names calling, kidnapping and crumble another sovereignty economy. History showed it again and again, look at US vs Germany 🇩🇪 and US vs Japan 🇯🇵
bird of paradise
The mad dog is sinking his country faster than we could hv imagine 👍
Jason wong
Trade war is not only about businesses, this is more about human beings healthy future. If this guy feels this is not making any sense, then I bet he is on the different side of society or he works for Chinese government.
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China-U.S. Trade War Doesn't Make 4 months ago   09:58