Unicorn saved from slaughter This horse saved my life, 2 days ago   01:46

Tami Marler
We saved this amazing mare from slaughter a few weeks ago. She's gone from limping and moping around, to strutting like a beautiful peacock around the rescue. She's such a magnificent creature, I can't imagine why someone would throw her away like trash.

We've learned that her favorite thing is belly rubs. Watch how she relishes her special moments with her human. Such a precious girl!

Swingin' D Horse Rescue saves horses from the slaughter pipeline, nurses them back to health, evaluates and trains them, then adopts them to responsible riders who commit to a high standard of care for the rest of their lives. In other words, we find the types of owners the horse deserved, BEFORE ending up in a slaughter yard.

Check out our website at www.swingindhorserescue.com

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This horse saved my life, Unicorn saved from slaughter 2 days ago   02:10

He's my world. My happiness. My source of joy. My everything.
Simply, that horse, is my life.