Silicon Valley, California USA San Jose State University 2 months ago   05:16

io media studio
a brief drive around the computer internet hub of California looking at the buildings of Yahoo, Intel, etc.

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gurpreet singh
It was a nice overview of Silicon Valley.
O ok ...
I really wasn't sure what "Silicon Valley" was!!
I get it!!
Did you know that High Speed Internet or Internet as a whole,
Was brought to life at "LHC" in Switzerland,
Where they have now built "CERN" the Hadron Collider?
To crash Particles at immense speeds faster than light to study and recreate
"The Higgs boson Particle"?
Pretty crazy stuff but very interesting at the same time!!!
They discovered the "God Particle" there a year and a bit a go now!!
& crash these particles into each other at speeds which can create a Black Hole,
& re create "The Big Bang" but at a much smaller scale..!!
Not sure if this research is good or bad considering what is being done...
Well I guess if we all wake up being sucked into a Micro Black Hole or are thrown through space as a conscious energy,
We will know that they messed up or shouldn't have been playing with what they were playing with lol !!!
Thanks 4 Sharing !!
The hangar is moffet field. Worlds largest hanger. The goodyear blimp used to moor inside. San Jose has a tech museum if you want a public silicon valley experience, good for kids.
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San Jose State University Silicon Valley, California USA 2 months ago   03:33

A brief intro to San Jose State University using footage taken from a DJI Flamewheel Hexcopter and a GoPro Hero3 Black. I'm in the process of upgrading this rig, and for that reason, there is no stabilizer on the go pro currently. I hope to be taking stabilized footage in less than a month.

This footage is Copyrighted. Contact me for usage rights.