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Little Mix Play 'shout Out To My Hex' | Proof That Little Mix Have - At Up-Tube.com

Little Mix play 'Shout Out To My Hex' PROOF that Little Mix have 2 days ago   05:02

Y'know what we love? Little Mix. And also Halloween. And also PUNS. So we stuck all three together and it was truly magical.

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Comments 169 Comments

gossipgirl 90210 littlemix
Leigh Anne s a rude drama queen
Jenna Stevenson
They’re such dorks I love it😂😂❤️❤️
Sydney Dietrich
Perrie: “I set myself on fire!”
Jade: “Oh yeah, you did.”
I don’t know why I found that bit so funny but it’s like Jade forgot and it seems like if one of your friends set themselves on fire you’d remember😂
unknown monster
O mah god Jade is super duper cute in this
Alexia Lehmann
3:40 shit hahahaha
Dilek !
0:34 "i'm my own person and ı wear my hat how ı want" jeeeeed
Eliise Tüür
4:37 Jade😂💝
0:36 Jade: Im my own person i can wear it how i want😒😒😒
IM DEAD😂😂😂😂😂❤❤❤❤❤
Eliise Tüür
3:40 ''Shit''😂💩
pmw Kate PMV
that is a fake faker
Emma V
Jade is so fucking cute
That Lerrie moment at the end. And Leigh was so cute at 0:46
perrie 💗💗💗
maga Encina
I LOVE Jade ;D
Fearless Bella
lol i think Perrie was just like come on lets get this interview over with and give me all the candy lol
Carrigan Barnes
Perrie: "I set myself on fire"
Jade: "Oh yeah you did!"
Lotte Bowbrick
Reflection noitcelfeR
when they said katy perry i felt so happy isk why
Brianna Ivan
When Jade said she might be eleven from stranger things, that gave me life
katies singing
tell perrie jesy leigh anne to go on google and tip in are gost realy please
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PROOF that Little Mix have Little Mix play 'Shout Out To My Hex' 2 days ago   10:06

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