Depeche Mode - Should Be Higher Depeche Mode - Should Be Higher 4 months ago   05:55

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I dream of a day when I dare to believe you're the answer
When the shame and the guilt are removed and the truth appears
Oh the touch of your hand, I lose who I am if I want to
I tried to resist but succumb to the bliss of your kiss

You should be higher
I'll take you higher
Don't be afraid
You'll just have to pray

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Chilled Gaming
Your eyes are more attractive LOVVEEE is all I want his voice is such talented and beautifuly done in this song it's sooooooo good
Pilar Herrera
Dave is like a good wine ♡
The best single from the last two albums (Delta and Spirit)
lorraynny guimaraes
Como alguém consegue dar deslike em um som desseeee!??
Lucifer Diabulus
Like si ves este video en 2019 ....
лера мещерякова
алан песни для группы писал, мартин и дейв писали и пишут. дело осталось за флетчером. пора бы.)))
pelletee r
Liz Zárate
Слесарев Андрей
супер песня с огнями
Руслан Кибец
Из России с любовью!!!💓
Дмитрий Кремнев
Gahan for masons! Skull & Bones!
Jorge TheGost
That voice that dance that sexy man and the band just absolutely great in every way wow!
Evgenii Kolesnikov
The best
Laurent Dujardin
Enjoy the SIlence
Mezzo Viola
i always love when artists aren't afraid to use their real voices when they preform. you'd be surprised about how many people lipsync. be brave and use your real voice.
Mezzo Viola
i dont understand how he gets hotter with age. it's amazing yet creepy.
El Julio César
Recuerdas cuando te la canté con mi estilo?👼🖤💞😉
James Hernandez
Lila Blue velvet
Love forever DM ❤️💞🌹
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Depeche Mode - Should Be Higher Depeche Mode - Should Be Higher 4 months ago   05:07

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