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In Germany alone, two and a half million tons of plastic packaging land in the yellow trash can. German households pre-sort their garbage into four separate trash cans; yellow for plastics, brown for compost; blue for paper and black for non-recyclables. Since the various plastics are very difficult to separate from one another, most of the material is utilized for energy.

The new film from VDI Resource Efficiency Center, Recycling plastics – Resource efficiency with an optimized sorting method depicts an improved sorting and processing method for valuable plastics, bringing the plastics life cycle full circle.

MEILO, a company in Gernsheim located in southern Hesse, sorts plastic trash from the yellow barrels in 30 repetitive sorting processes until the maximal purity of variety has been attained. Plastics are first separated according to size and then subjected to an air separator. In the following step, a near infrared scanner scans the plastics on the conveyor belt as they pass, communicating to a compressed air jet at the end of the conveyor belt which plastics are recyclable. Finally, the compressed air jet blows these material aside. Thus, varying plastics are sorted by an up to 98% purity of variety. In addition to the three major valuable plastics, HPDE, PP and PET, four other well-recyclable plastic varieties are gleaned from the river of trash.

At Systec Plastics GmbH in Eisfeld, Thuringia, the plastics sorted by MEILO GmbH are further processed to produce a premium commodity for the plastics industry. Here, plastics are shredded and cleansed. Repeated circuits beneath a near LED scanner sort the plastic flakes according to color before they are melted and once more filtered. The 99% pure granules are then filled into containers and transported.

Werner & Mertz GmbH, manufacturing laundry detergents and cleaning supplies, uses Systec Plastics GmbH granules to produce their packaging bottles. The granules are easily processed in Werner & Mertz GmbH’s standard production plants in Mainz. Their HDPE bottles and PP twist-off lids are made of 100% recycled plastics from the yellow trash can. Their PET bottles are composed of 20% recycled PET from yellow trash cans and 80% recycled plastic from deposit bottles.

The plastic life cycle comes full circle, the raw materials are recovered.

Further information on MEILO Gesellschaft zur Rückgewinnung sortierter Werkstoffe (Corporation for the recovery of sorted raw materials) mbH & Co. KG:

Further information on Systec Plastics GmbH:

Further information on Werner & Mertz GmbH:

Comprehensive resource efficiency information:

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Моряк Папай
По какому принципу идет отсортировка типов пластик hdpe и другие?
Tom Alexander
Humans could be so great, what a shame, it's embarassing
Mwah. Bitch
Sad af that we humans are doing this :(
robert roberts
pity they can't build cars that you can put plastic and household crap into to make it work
robert roberts
i wish the uk would build recycling plants and stop sending our recycling to other countries
Benedicte Hansen
Why c`an’t some of these soap bottles go back to their makers and get refilled instead, and thereby be reused. Less energy to just refill instead of remaking them????
Sylwester Bogusiak
New campaign! "STOP5! START369! BEST WAY TO SORT WASTE!"
X=3 people not other number. Stop messing in recycling method please. X=3 and all problems sorted.
Rajwinder Kaur
Does these plastics to be more harmful to health ? Or ...
Perfecttttttt !!!!
Greg Elliott
I wonder if any of what falls out of the bails gets thrown back into the bailer
Eva Jayme
What is PP and PT. Or PTT
Audio Maverick
This is absolutely amazing.
Nice to see things being re-made in plastics..
Kalpana Sonar
Waris Wawa
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master jackoff
You want my plastics? Go to the woods or the lake. I'm anti recycle. Down with mother nature
How do they sort the bottle caps from the bottles when they're screwed on?
How about using all plastics being recycled to make plastic studs,
plastic trusses, and full size Lego style building blocks for home and
commercial construction?
apple king
teach me how to recycle plastic into money
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The world consumes a mind blowing 4 billion cans of soft drinks made of recycled aluminium every week. DCODE how they are recycled.

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