Celebrities Getting Angry With Hailey Baldwin Gets Knocked 2 days ago   05:38

Watch stars lose their patience with the invasive paparazzi.

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Your lucky bro bitch please Josh Brolin would beat your bitch ass and so would I wana be tough your lucky bro bitch plzzzz
It's hard at times I get the celebs but I mean enjoying the riches hell ya
Jacob Reid
Every gets sick og it
Jacob Reid
Lol wtf taking thousands of photos
Nikolas Zuraff
When the paparazzi ask questions just be coy and play dumb.
I think its funny papparazi does this too celebrities but when they have kids.... You Shouldn't fuck with them
Viktória Dévényi
Alec was the king but those were hyperude to Josh and kind of disturbed his relationship.
Snekers Says
I hate people
Sandy Dayoc
Well if you don't want to get photograph move the hell out of LA
Being celebrity don’t bother me at all, I’ve met kurt angel and Dudley boys in airport they are just people. Also a eastenders star was in the local gym people hounding the guy. Treat em like regular people they like that
Jimmy Baldwin
Why don’t celebrities just ring the police. This could be classed as harassment. And if the same paparazzi keep getting arrested. Then they will stop
“Your fault not mine” WHAT A PRICK
Chris Ramirez
They shouldn't mess with thanos
Michael Leech
If i were a celebrity, and i had to deal with these scum. I would hurt them. Really bad.
Jonas Wolcher
I hate these vultures! No respect at all.
you're part of the problem
Donald J. Trump
What are their primary goal in the first place?
Donald J. Trump
I allegedly assume paparazzis have no life
Lorena Cantu
Que groseros, gracias a los paparazzis son famosos.
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Hailey Baldwin Gets Knocked Celebrities Getting Angry With 2 days ago   04:20

Kylie Jenner & Hailey Baldwin attend the Marie Claire party at Sunset Tower in West Hollywood. They then head to a friend's home to change clothes and hit up The Nice Guy. Hailey accidentally gets knocked around by the paparazzi on the arrival.

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