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Celebrities Getting Angry With | Hailey Baldwin Gets Knocked - At Up-Tube.com

Celebrities Getting Angry With Hailey Baldwin Gets Knocked 7 months ago   05:38

Watch stars lose their patience with the invasive paparazzi.

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Kristine G
Do NOT mess with Jodi Foster. And when you see Alec Baldwin, and you're a Paparazzi, for the love of God, run the other way. Don't you know???
B*ch Please
I’d throw a fist at them even if ruening my career
Munni Thakur
charlie was so bad withher fans
Ravis Maximus
you have money stop trying to be cheap ride private its that's simple spend money on way dumber shit anyways cry cry
all people are disgusting, some morons say - those heroes who prevent nuvlear war, man - if all people burn, that will be the big present
Sean Meehan
All paparazzi should just drown themselves... yeah I said it
Awww poor celebrities. FOH.
James 17
I would rather just walk into oncoming traffic than try to argue a point with paparazzi scum
LyN 3112
Was there actually a time where justin bieber allowed someone anything??
Da Greazy
they call the paparazzi to where they're at
Luke Ironhart
Alec baldwin was being a real jerk
Jason Bouskill
No paparazzi itd your fault
Jenny H
You choose to be a celebrity, you have to expect this!! You can't have your cake and eat it too!!
Faizan Manzoor
Even when Justin is pissed hes nice. Dont understand all the hate although some yes
Real life Facts100
That’s the price of fame deal with it
Paul Denino
Paparazzi are the scum of the earth
Squeguin Quack
So this is why Josh Brolin killed half of all humans
Emily T
Charlize Theron actually wasn’t that bad- just some grunting and saying these guys are such assholes. I would’ve flipped;all those bright lights in your eyes, just got off a flight, and heading out into the night w fucked up vision bc of all the flashing lights.
Hermoáñ The Incredible
fuck paparazzi
This isZoree
Alec Baldwin is soo rude they all have that bad personality the baldwins boo hoo
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Hailey Baldwin Gets Knocked Celebrities Getting Angry With 7 months ago   04:20

Kylie Jenner & Hailey Baldwin attend the Marie Claire party at Sunset Tower in West Hollywood. They then head to a friend's home to change clothes and hit up The Nice Guy. Hailey accidentally gets knocked around by the paparazzi on the arrival.

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