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Hello everyone! In this video show you how to make robot pizza delivery. It's so cute and I like it so much. Thank you for watching!! Please subscribe to get more interesting videos:

You Need:
- Cardboard
- DC motor
- 9v battery and wire connector
- Plastic gears
- Rubber band
- Switch
- Ice-cream stick
- BBQ bamboo stick and chopstick

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Cri & Simo forever
I've made it but without the motor
Atik Ullha
Victor Hudtwalcker
Te felicito todos tus trabajos son extraordinarios y en particular me ha gustado mucho el repartidor de pizzas, pero si no proporcionas las medidas solo me sirve para admirarlo, a mi me gustaría intentar reproducirlo, gracias
Shahriar's TechGallery
creative idea
Shahriar's TechGallery
wow.. ammazing idea..
Bhanwar Patel
Sorry sorry sorry
Bhanwar Patel
Arey Dhokla thapad thapad
Edneide Nega
eu conheci o seu canal hoje e já adorei parabéns. que palito vc usou
FARIQ 2145
bikinin dong
Krishna Rankawat
Jayati Pal
Whats your contact number and where do you live
Khan Sabina
Gonna present this model as in my exhibition..
Dua karna log successful ho jau ☺
Yang bulet putih itu nama nya apa bang ?
Jannat Shahzadi
So good
Prahlad Malviya
Very nice
Thu Hien Nguyễn
Archana Sirsath
Im shocked
World Man 3 Star
Mohammad Shekh
U r ausom dood
Sami Saifi
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5 Amazing Things You Can Do at Home from Wow! Amazing DIY Robot Pizza 4 months ago   11:11

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