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How Much Better Is Sonic's Redesign? | The Heroes Who Fixed The Sonic Movie - At Up-Tube.com

How Much Better Is Sonic's Redesign? The Heroes Who Fixed the Sonic Movie 4 weeks ago   02:53

The latest Sonic trailer featured a few scenes that also appeared in the debut trailer, so it's time for us to put it head to head with the original to see just how far the design has come!
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And check out our discussion about our reactions to the trailer!
Francisco Gutierrez
the fisrt one was amazing, im tlking about the realism, ugly design. So the realism of the first one whit the design of the second one could be really good.
That old design was so awful, that Jigsaw would use it as a torture device on his victims
The old one looks like the kid in Jumanji after he turned into a monkey
The new trailer is the real one. The first release was a troll trailer to garner attention and to allow signalling to fans post-fact just how much Paramount cares.
Sayin it right now, the 2nd one was obviously better, the film is still gonna suck
Samuel Miller
why does the 1st one looks
like he has arthritis in the knees
Scott Markquart
I like the new sonic better than the old one.
The original trailer made me think is that really sonic?
TWICEZ*ONE Entertainment
What the heck i love the intro its so freakin smooth like it was in front of my face and no screen barrier omg omg
• ЯεlιgιασÐεMεяdα •
The new design is much better.
Energy -_-
The 2019 sonic is the 2020 sonic if he was a crackhead
Dubstep Brandin
New design
They also made the tip of the tranq gun orange.
Xavier D.L.C
Fuck the old sonic, that thing is creepy, if I saw it in person, I'd probably smash with a shovel
Gruagach. Eire
Well done Paramount, not blaming the fans etc just getting the job done, must have cost a good few quid, i will bring my kids to this now.
Shy's Alley
I feel like there are more things they could do to improve his design. But honestly I didn't have my hopes up to start with when they showed off the first one. That being said this one is definitely much better and the rig seems to work better for the animators since they're giving him better movement.
Why is your voice so deep
enter a name here
the first design his face looked like a burn victim
Kaienowaty #
uff lol
Evan Frankston
I like the original one better
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The Heroes Who Fixed the Sonic Movie How Much Better Is Sonic's Redesign? 4 weeks ago   07:04

Congratulations, you saved the Sonic the Hedgehog movie! According to director Jeff Fowler and producer Tim Miller, it was your disappointment at the old Sonic movie design that gave them the chance to remake it.

And wow, did they remake it! The new Sonic was designed by one of the fandom's greatest heroes, Tyson Hesse. Jim Carrey might not be thrilled by the idea of changing the Blue Blur to appease his fans, but watching the new Sonic movie trailer, it's hard to deny: He looks so much better!

Anyway, love you! See you soon!
BretonStripes (http://twitter.com/bretonastriped) and Kotor (http://twitter.com/kotorcomics)


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