THE DOMESTICS Official Trailer (2018) Top 10 Darkest Movie Theories 10 months ago   02:18

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This July 4th holiday, pledge your allegiance. Kate Bosworth and Tyler Hoechlin star in The Domestics, in select theaters and On Demand 6/29. Watch the full trailer now. #TheDomesticsMovie

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madscientist 666
I bet this have any political agenda
I'm currently watching it right now. Humanity has been hypothetically been preparing for the apocalypse for years. It'll frustrate you to hell how many dumb mistakes these people man...
Rondough Howell
Welcomes to Trump's America everyone
Twogirlsfrom Anotherlane
Aladin Zizou
Un seul défaut. Le choix des acteurs
g Cha
Beegun Abhishek
it should have been called The division
A $300 brushing for a mad-max like roadtrip : priceless.
Perfect Movie !
fred chet
there is no doubt to have, still a film with a beautiful propaganda illuminati !!!
Brittany Robinson
Killjoys movie version
sammi lee
Is there nudity and sex in this movie ?
Poppy Harlow
This movie had so much potential to be good, had such a good plot but was ultimately garbage.
Man this was actually a good movie. More apocalyptic movies please. Watching these movies make me wanna support the second amendment even more. Only the people that support the second amendment will survive.
Esme Mkls
Who else is watching this because of Derek aka Tyler Hoechiln
Karla Lara
Solo por Tyler Hoechlin es que la película me encanta. ❤
Mekah L
Jesse Ramirez
Just watched it an I liked it! 7.5/10
This was actually really good. It’s not anything we haven’t seen before but it was smartly done which makes a huge difference. Well acted, written, directed, the works, dfntly worth the watch.
AnnaLee Keehner
This movie was surprisingly awesome! Not predictable, and exciting to watch. Totally recommend
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Top 10 Darkest Movie Theories THE DOMESTICS Official Trailer (2018) 10 months ago   10:07

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