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The Domestics Official Trailer (2018) | Top 10 Darkest Movie Theories - At Up-Tube.com

THE DOMESTICS Official Trailer (2018) Top 10 Darkest Movie Theories 6 months ago   02:18

Orion Pictures
This July 4th holiday, pledge your allegiance. Kate Bosworth and Tyler Hoechlin star in The Domestics, in select theaters and On Demand 6/29. Watch the full trailer now. #TheDomesticsMovie

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vast active
Can you not drive 200 miles in a day?
Ciarán Masterson
This is a quote from the script:

"We all went about our daily lives, oblivious to how bad things were in the world. And then they hit the reset button, erasing all of their problems along with hundreds of millions of lives."

It implies that it was the US government that exterminated most of the US population. How do the creators of this film expect this backstory to be plausible?! The idea that the US government would do such a thing is a load of bull. Why would the US government do that?!
Chowder fan 2.0
This trailer came out on my birthday
Eric R. Gonzalez
Very good movie. I really enjoy it! :)
Rameshan Sivapalan
What happened to all the fucking stupid planes ? No plane gang ?
Chenale Gaines
Really enjoyed this movie! 4 out of 5
Its Jessel Christine
anyone who can tell me what's the title of the song that played at the names of the cast?
Dylan Kuit
The Sheets needed more screen time
This movie got 100% on rotten tomatoes. How?
TheRedstone Scripter
so what is the chemical?
Kays Dash
This movie is boring, dragged for too long, if you have seen Viggo Mortensen's The Road, you don't nee to watch this. It's already done before, nothing new.
D 2
Kinda like The Last of us
Hello World
Shit af movie! Delete this garbage
I love how the majority of the movie is the guy doing all the work. It's at about 2/3 of the way through he gives wifey ONE pointer on how to shoot a gun and she turns into Annie-fucking-Oakley.
Don Corl
This is a highly probably scenario of how it will all end mankind. Creepy shit. PREPARE. Jesus Is God, ask for forgiveness now.
Watching this rn...its good. I love when I pick a random movie and it ends up being awesome. They definitely go threw it. The whole movie... not really any slow parts. The wife at 1st gets on my nerves... but you know towards the end she gets her shit together. Even though there arent zombies it gives me TWD vibes.
Like purge
Cong Trinh Nguyen
looks like mad max in missouri
Tomas Joel Beramendi
I've just watched it and it was great! Really recommend it
Kyle Robinson
Illuminati mew world order

Agenda 21 depopulation
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Top 10 Darkest Movie Theories THE DOMESTICS Official Trailer (2018) 6 months ago   10:07

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Top 10 Darkest Movie Theories
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