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Stefan Dimov
Many barbaric calls have been made by officials, umpires or referees in sports history and there are way too many who would deserve the cake. According to some the NBA has the worst officiating due to the nature of the sport. The NFL, NHL and MLB don't fall behind too much. In Tennis, before the implementation of the Hawk-Eye technology, the quality of officiating was subpar. John McEnroe often demanded umpires controlling his matches be removed, and he was mostly right. “There should be no umpires as well. That would maybe be a major innovation as well,” McEnroe said when asked what changes he’d like to introduce.

- Serena Williams vs Jennifer Capriati, US Open 2004 quarterfinal: Three line calls went against Williams in the final set, and Auto-Ref system was being tested during the match. Though the calls were not reversed, there was one overrule of a clearly correct call and the chair umpire Mariana Alves, that the TV replay showed to be good. She was removed from consideration for further matches at that year's US Open. These errors prompted talks about line calling assistance especially as the Auto-Ref system was being tested by the US Open at that time and was shown to be very accurate. Officials from the United States Tennis Association apologized to Williams for the errors by the chair umpire Mariana Alves during the final set.

- Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal, Miami 2005 Final: Nadal should've had 0-40 on Federer's serve, instead he went on to lose the game and eventually the match which was the second career head-to-head meeting between the great rivals. Nadal has played 5 Miami finals and is yet to win the title.

- Jerzy Janowicz vs Denis Shapovalov, 2017 Guadalajara challenger semifinal: Janowicz recieved three code violations in 2 minutes. He lost the match after having a match point at 5-4 in the third set.

- Olivier Rochus vs Igor Sijsling, Hertogenbosch 2012 second round: Atrocious decision by the chair umpire to replay the point because the linesman gave an "unsighted" signal. Sijsling lost the point but broke two points later with a forehand winner.

- Robin Söderling vs Fernando González, Roland Garros 2009 semifinal: González wiped the mark in a classy manner in the important point of the fourth set. 2009 was the year which saw one of the biggest upsets in tennis history at the Roland Garros. Söderling won the semifinal match vs González in five sets but lost in the final to Roger Federer.

- Andre Agassi vs Tommy Haas, Wimbledon 1998 second round: A forehand by Haas was ruled good, even though replays showed it was clearly out. "It was nearly six inches " Agassi protested. "It was out both ways. It was wide and it was long". "In 12 years, i've never seen it miss that much, " Agassi said to chair umpire Frame. The call gave Haas a 6-3 lead in a third set tiebreaker.

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Daniel David
The corruption is this world is as clear as glass. Sport, politic, the banking system, the justice system, the music and entertainment industries, are owned and controlled, by entities which, intend to enslave the human race. No?
That oriental girl, why you lying it's already recorded. So you win a point, you lose your reputation.
the prophet
Technology has done a great job exposing crooked referees in so many different sports. Shame on them always thinking they are better than the players, never capable of admitting their numerous obvious mistakes. Thankfully the cameras are now humbling these egotistical cheats and scumbags. Justice and fairness is much better than self righteous ignorance and authoritarianism.
Le Cep Montreal
Lol. Those 10000000th players argue with the ref, the ref answer "like you, I'm the ref or the 10000000th courts, when you will be in the big court, you can complaint about a big court ref.
Ayden Anthony
Damn Serena held her nerve I would've probably hit the umpire in the head with my serve.
i have an idea for a new rule in tennis: during a rally, if the ball clips the top of the net but does not make it to the service line, the point is either played over again or the player who hit the ball loses the point. what do u all think?
Alessandropopopo popo
Bad calls happen to all players: Bad calls happen to Serena: it’s racist
Alessandropopopo popo
Zhu not fail, mi love you long time.
That Williams vs Capriati match was off the hook. Horrible, horrible calls
8:13 To be honest,that was a close call.
7:51 I don't care
6:55 Can anyone spot the ball?
3:19 That ball must have been sent out of the stadium.
lmao poor Coric
Wolf Dancer
Equally well a compilation of bad behavior by low ranked participants ignorant of the rules.
Someone Else
Why is there a picture of Mike Tyson in the thumbnail?
The 2:00 min mark. You will never have a Chinese person be honest in these situations. (Not all Asians, just specifically Chinese) This is not prejudice, racism etc. This is part of their culture and they virtually admit this.
Ciaran Selva
one that was missed murray and djokovic in miami in 2014, djokovic hit the ball on Murray side of the net, the umpire who was recently sacked, Damien Steiner was the umpire. to make it worse they played the replay on the big screen afterwards and he still wouldn't change the decision. glad he got sacked, 5 and half years too late imo.
That schiavonne was just beyond embarrassing. love things like this vid cos it exposes who are the cheats and who isnt. It will eternally shame those who cheats
gonzo rubbing out the BS mark with his butt is a classic ;D
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