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Pakistan And India Both Claim | Russian Jet Drops Cluster Bombs - At Up-Tube.com

Pakistan and India Both Claim Russian jet drops cluster bombs 3 months ago   02:11

Wall Street Journal
Tensions rose between Pakistan and India on Wednesday after Pakistan said it shot down two Indian jets, while India claimed that it had downed a Pakistani fighter plane. Photo: Zuma Press

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ŚôüL îš ÄñÄ
Raveesh kumar randi liar look at his pig face liar
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But India is a lier
Meershah Hussain
Pakistan is great
Khairullah Khanh
Pakistan I love
Ehteshaam Dogar
India hit jackshit. Faied strike🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ehteshaam Dogar
India was shooting towards sun😂😂😂😂😂😂India shot jackshit
Haris Shah 3
_Truth is bitter, ever green_

Why doesn't INDIA give any proof, besides playing with Mig's body and calling it an F-16 debris?!
M Faisal Qureshi
sheri uk
why doesnt pakistan and india forget the independence and forget the white border line that seperates them and just become one country again
Siraj Mohammed
We have shown wreckage n captured pilot where r Indian proves. Liar Indian media n govt. have no shame.
im Savage
Note - Indian claims were prove wrong later
Ayush sharma
Some pakistani ask proof well we don't need to provide proof coz pakistan has already proved itself wrong.What we said that 1 IAF jet shot down a pak f16 and our jet was also shot down by another pak jet from behind both pilots were ejected and landed in Pok our pilot was captured and pak pilot was killed by mob coz they thought he was indian when pak army rescued him and took him hospital he died. Now we come to pak statement when the incident happened pak foreign ministry official twitter handle tweeted that they have shot down two indian jets and both pilots are in their custody (As your PM is saying in this video) later it tweeted 1 IAF pilot is in hospital and 1 is arrested then after some time they deleted both their tweets and tweeted again that they have shot down 2 IAF mig 21 and 1 pilot is in their custody then they deleted it again and tweeted again that they have shot down two IAF jets one crashed in pak and one in Indian administered kashmir. Now before asking us about proof think again who is fabricating the story
Pakistan the power
Pakistan shoot f 16 and mig 21 useless Indian planes
Abdul Sattar
India have no proof to shout down Pakistan jet
Zilo Abenx
Only UK can stop the war😂✌️
Bilal Ahmed
Pakistan claimed that it shot down two Indian planes. We showed you the debris of Indian plane and arrested pilot. India says it shot down Pakistani plane, but failed to show any evidence. The same locals from Azad Kashmir (Pakistani side) who captured Indian pilot and recorded the whole saga on mobile phones, didn't see any Pakistani plane shot down; if they did, they would have captured that on their cell phones. India took hours to give first statement and you can see that he's depressed, while Pakistani general talked with confidence. This means India is lying.
Farhan Hussain
Haha indians micheaviously entered Pakistan at night blindy destroying a couple of our trees and apparently claiming that hundreds of terrorists died. Whereas the brave and valour lions of Pakistan gave India a taste of Pakistani medicine right after the attack during the morning 😂😂😂😂
Knowledge Enthusiast
As usual Most of the facts that mentioned in this video are False, Fake and incomplete..Huh ! No surprise & No wonder, after all it's a pro Pakistan & Biased news Video.

1) There is no evidence of two fighter jets that Pak claimed shot down.
2) There are No Indian paramilitary officers killed in Pulwama attack. The attack was conspired by ISI and Masood Azhar and confession has already been made by themselves.
The Martyrs were CRPF convoy of 45 military personals which is direct violation of International Rules & Regulations of UN.
3) There are enough Valid & 100% tested Evidences available that can prove one Advanced F-16 Fighter aircraft given by America to Pakistan is Shot Downed by Russian made old Mig-21 Indian Air force's Fighter & got hit, as well.
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Russian jet drops cluster bombs Pakistan and India Both Claim 3 months ago   00:48

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