8 Driving Habits That Ruin 15 Things You Didn't Know About 6 months ago   08:56

How to drive a car easily and safely? How to brake smoothly? Here are a few simple driving hacks and secrets you should know to drive your car like a pro.

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Hi there! What's your driving style? 🚖

Useful hacks from experienced drivers 👉 https://up-tube.com/upvideo/f4RzVXrCUhp&g=78f
Jill Dench
Wow in this video it shows a female driver with both feet on the brake and another female with a bare foot on the brake #bad driving
Why he talking like that
Was this very hastily researched? Every single one of these are either wrong or partially wrong...
Tessy Akede
I have a question. The last advice said to shift gears when going downhill instead of using the breaks. How do you do that in a car that uses automatic transmission?
Idham Fandhy
very nice 👍
lino klein meuleman
Driving to short on another car !
Jose Dorantes
5:42 how to pour incorrectly the engine oil XD XD
Shrek Hely
Watch in 1.25 speed
Resting your hand on the gear stick 1:09
Refueling only when the tank is almost empty 2:13
Frequent braking 3:04
Ignoring suspicious sounds 4:26
Neglecting to use the hand brake 5:50
Running a cold engine at high revs 6:34
Keeping your foot on the brake while driving downhill 7:17
Dreky B
I need both hands to steer? Don’t tell me how to drift
BeAn BeAn
Get a new voice guy
Regarding number four: unless you plan on getting a lot of tickets in the future I would suggest NOT calling the police to let them know your car was making funny noises. You might find yourself on your local constables naughty list.
I like this video. Okay to some of us all of this is common sense but for the people that are making fun of this upload: driving a car is huge, it goes far beyond what you learn in driver's education sure but please don't make fun of this video as there are a lot of people who actually will learn something from this post. To those that pointed out resting your foot on the clutch is bad, Kudos! That's a big one. Another bad habit is using your left foot on the brake in a car with an automatic transmission. I don't know how that left brain right brain thing works but I'm sure that this has got something to do with it, ha ha. I've watched people use their left foot on the brake in a vehicle with an automatic transmission for years then they have to drive a car with a clutch. This causes severe damage to the driver, LOL, oh no there's a car stopped ahead of me what do I do clutch brake clutch brake clutch brake oh no crash!
Germilyne Anzaldo
Don't keep your foot on the clutch.
greatest EVER
Just donate or sell your car already and buy a bicycle from wal mart
Donna Silver
As far as using brakes .I hardly use breaks It's all in accelerator control!
John David
Another bad driving habit: watching this video while driving.

It will make you want to drive off a bridge
What if you floor it and bounce off the rev limiter while putting the shifter in and out of drive and reverse rapidly with your eyes closed?
chris kary
This is the video every non car people need to watch 😂
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15 Things You Didn't Know About 8 Driving Habits That Ruin 6 months ago   14:45

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