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10 More Pokemon You're Glad | Pokemon Timeline Explained | Legendary - At Up-Tube.com

10 More Pokemon You're Glad Pokemon Timeline Explained | Legendary 2 days ago   10:31

Top Curious
10 More Pokemon You're Glad Don't Exist In Real Life!
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The Reaper
I have a cacturne and a ditto *HELP*
Elizabeth Ellson
He can turn into ME!!!!!!🗯😶😑😥😣
Altheda Thomas
I hAvE 9 gyradosas
Zach Deyo
Gorgeist was made in gen six
Zach Deyo
It probably isn't good that I am watching this with scratching and creepy noises all around me
Walsang Nengminza
if ditto can turn into mewtwo he with be the strongest Pokemon 😰😰😂😂
Raegan Samuels
I wish Vaporeon and Umbreon existed
Manuj kanti majumdar
It's nonsense 😔
Nicky The Koopa
My Friend: Aren't you glad that Hypnos don't exist?
Me: No.
My Friend: ...why?
Daddy Carpenter
i realy want mewtwo to be alive
Lava Memes
now I need to get my gardevoir back from my friend now I didn’t know it was that powerful. mine was an mega ex too!
shitpost kid
8:13 what? but I love mewtwo
Well that settles it then. Trump is actually a Ditto.
Ellyan Torres castro
Malik Floyd
Gourgeist may look pretty, but encountering those and hear its singing would be terrifying.
Ashlee Jaggers
It sounds like you have a cold.lol sorry for being so rude.😢
Kana Cole
I love your videos! I'm in 4th grade. And I'm getting an A in my history classes! Thank you soooooo much!!!!!
rafa duarte allan
Demon Devil231
No... eternatus...
Arsh Akber
I have Pikachu. Doll. Mimic u. Kills me
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Pokemon Timeline Explained | Legendary 10 More Pokemon You're Glad 2 days ago   14:23

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►Pokemon Timeline Current History HERE: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/gBOCcIEiUoR
Welcome to the 6th installment of my Pokemon Timeline Explained series! In this video we go over the origins of all the legendary and mythical Pokemon. Some of these however are created by me, but don't worry because I spent a ton of time researching into the real life legends these Pokemon were based on and I used that information to carefully place them into the Pokemon Universe lore. This video took a ton of time to make so if you enjoy the video, be sure to leave a like; I appreciate it a ton. Also if you're enjoying the channel be sure to subscribe! Until next time! see ya~!
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