THR Full Oscar Actress Roundtable: Directors Roundtable: Ryan Coogler, 2 days ago   52:19

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Enjoy The Hollywood Reporter's Full Actress 2017 Oscars Roundtable with Emma Stone ('La La Land'), Taraji P. Henson ('Hidden Figures'), Annette Bening ('20th Century Woman'), Natalie Portman ('Jackie'), Naomie Harris ('Moonlight'), Isabelle Huppert ('Elle'), and Amy Adams ('Arrival' 'Nocturnal Animals').

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Comments 2014 Comments

They all had good answers and Emma stone (who I find extremely boring) says planes trains and
Amna Afw
O.M.G I absolutely LOVED it ❤, I mean I enjoyed every moment of it, I got inspired by it and I am so grateful for having this kind of women in our world , thank you so much for making it and a special thanks for every and each one of these wonderful women. ❤
how do they alwas manage to get these horrible interviewers
rebel ram
i do not like emma stone she is so ugly
rebel ram
i do not like emma stone she is so ugly
Andrea R
"did you become more interested in aliens from doing that film?" ask something that actually matters Galloway!!! i wanna know about her process, important thoughts etc not her heightened interest in aliens
Lindsay Mansur
Isabelle didn't want to be here, did she lol
Nnamdi Jideani
I don't know why people keep complaining about the interviewer. It's a roundtable so he has to facilitate a conversation made up of a panel of 7 established actresses within a limited time period. Do you guys even watch the news? They're savages on there, they cut you off every 17 seconds whenever there's a forum discussion.
a j
I love all these actors. Isabelle Huppert is amazing...This may sound facetious, but I mean it genuinely: If I were to give an award for the most underappreciated performance of all time, I'd give it to Taraji P. Henson for her work in Baby Boy. Her eyes are so expressive--she can communicate so much with just a look. And throughout the film you really feel her pain & vulnerability on a visceral level.
Jordan Garza
They are being so gratuitous to this man, as he keeps asking them questions he should be asking the men and categorizing them in the wrong way.....
if he was messing up in a group of men they would shred him to pieces... god bless women, the compassion and professionalism... I'm not dragging him, we all make mistakes and they are so gracious and sympathetic to that!
Zak Moon
When Emma Stone mentioned John Candy in planes Trained and Automobiles I just about fell back in my chair because thats one of my top favorite movies ever! that movie is a classic but also a bit obscure and it has a great message and also really funny. Emma has great taste in movies and actors
Dale Wylie
Emma Stone, Natalie Portman, Taraji P. Henson and Amy Adams too much sexy in 1 place
Caitlin Nettlefold
Did it piss anyone else off that he kept cutting the ladies off? Someone would be giving an answer and before they even finished their sentence he would move on to the next person. I found him so rude.
That first girl didn't understand "Philadelphia". Tom Hanks' character was not fighting for high rights to health care, he was fighting about being fired because he had AIDS. He was receiving very good care in the movie. What do you expect...she's an actor.
CoolBean FanGirl
You can see how much Emma and Amy in particular adore one another. My heart. They don't say anything specific, but it's there. I'm not going crazy. They just really look like they admire each other so much and my heart just feels so happy from all of this. UGH. They're all so amazing.
Ammara Shah
Omf Amyyyy i love her so much
Adam Prokulewicz
Isabelle Huppert is the queen of them all.
Also, I don't know why you guys get annoyed by the host, very knowledgeble man.
It would be nice seeing a woman host this but he did a good job ( despite the age and then African American thing) and he created a sort of cosy atmosphere and let them talk, that's what an attentive moderator does.
Great roundtable, love these great actresses. It was a pleasure, nearly 1 hour but felt like 10 minutes.
Also , please include more European actresses like from France , Spain, Poland etc.
For this year (2019) I would have loved to see also Penelope Cruz and Joanna Kulig ( Cold war) .
Because it looks like American- British hegemony and doesnt reflect the real image.
United we are BLACK....
I love you because you’re a Black and you you REP us so well. I see my niece Louwona.

As Cookie season one you were me to a degree with sons. I took my business to another level.

I love you most in Baby Boy
Sucking your thumb when you were upset.
shiva poonia
I love natalie portman she is so beautiful 😍
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Directors Roundtable: Ryan Coogler, THR Full Oscar Actress Roundtable: 2 days ago   1:03:07

Ryan Coogler ('Black Panther'), Yorgos Lanthimos ('The Favourite'), Alfonso Cuarón ('Roma'), Spike Lee ('BlacKkKlansman'), Marielle Heller ('Can You Ever Forgive Me?'), and Bradley Cooper ('A Star Is Born') join Close Up with The Hollywood Reporter for the full 2019 Directors Roundtable.

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