MCJUGGERNUGGETS BREAKS KIDBEHINDACAMERA'S iPHONE! Nuclear Spicy Noodle Prank 6 months ago   17:24

After losing my offer on the house, I realize I need to get creative.
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What should I do about the house?
Russian Rage
Swift is so honest, loyal, & caring.

And that's why he is a fucking loser.
mitchell bower
Funniest video on YouTube hit like if you agree
KingZach to Videogames
Swift sucks.
Alexa Vargas
You are so mean to him stop it thats why he quit
Dawson Chronicles
Swift is such an idiot he thought the 8 plus was the X swift is honestly the worst camera man Jesse ever had corn should’ve never quit
Shannon Cau
That's so messed up dude
Super Sonic
I hate him so much he’s so greedy he’s so spoiled as a grown man he can just take the freaking is better than nothing is very better than nothing I appreciate everything I get he doesn’t and he should he’s a fake I can use it he needs to appreciate what he got he needs to appreciate you guys
Donovan Gonzalez
Mcjuggernugget need help for real.
Olivia Waldman
hi Jesse, i just want to say i have a huge crush on swift
Gaige Catalbas
iPhones are so expensive & I don't understand why Micheal needs a iPhone
Michael McKennon
I actually cried for Swift you’re terrible people I’ll pay swift to get better friends
Michael McKennon
Poor swift
Michael McKennon
Oof this was messed up poor camera guy
Joshua Trujillo
The sad part is that Jessie has 3.9 million subs and yet he can’t afford a house and in every video he has to ask people to stay in their house like a weirdo that he is
rabited squirrel
That's messed up I unsub for you broke Michael's phone dude Michael's is right about everything he said
Booperdooper. Dooper
sounds like the one guy from harry potter and LOL XD LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL also poor swift rip swift shoses
3:07 I swear nothing in this universe makes me lose it harder than hearing Big Brudda's hyena laugh when mayhem is going down 😂😂😂
Monkey_Ray_4 Gaming
11:43 I would say no for that while doing yes challenge lol I don’t care if I have to say yes lol.
Joey 2.ogaming
Swift is fat as hell
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Nuclear Spicy Noodle Prank MCJUGGERNUGGETS BREAKS KIDBEHINDACAMERA'S iPHONE! 6 months ago   22:19

Nuclear Noodles!!!! What the heck is that, A little pay back from Trey to Justin!!! We are uploading on Saturday because its official YouTube removed our 50,000 Subscriber Video so a little spicy food video to take its place!!!!