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Driving The Jacobite Steam Train | This Train Made Passengers - At Up-Tube.com

Driving the Jacobite Steam Train This Train Made Passengers 2 days ago   01:31

Experience the magic of travelling along one of the greatest rail journeys in the world through the eyes of the man in the cab. With almost 60 years’ experience on the tracks, Alec is the driver of the Jacobite steam train, an iconic locomotive which runs from Fort William to Mallaig along the West Highland Line. Scotland. A spirit of its own.

Discover it for yourself at https://www.visitscotland.com/about/uniquely-scottish/scotspirit/

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I can't wait to take this train ride! Beautiful machine and scenery!
something deeply moving about this story
Nathan Tutty
Daren Li, I can think of more things that are more damaging to the environment!  These machines take a lot of dedication to keep up and running! Think of many things that we used to have but don't use anymore- Vulcan for example!
It's a wonderful video and successful history of Alec.  We regret we didn't take this train and didn't see you when we visited Highland.  We lived in Edinburgh for a year and we adore Scotland. We live in Paris actually.   I sent this YouTube to several friends including my cousin's son living in Japan  who loves steam trains so that he may come to take your train in the near future.  Thank you very much for your keen work, Alec !
Dean McCahan
After watching this I literally have a pain in my chest from missing Scotland so much. What a beautiful country - and what an amazing way to see part of it. Highly recommended. Alec, you're a lucky man - and if you were at the head of our train - thanks for the great ride to Mallaig and back.
In this context, who needs Harry Potter, anyway?
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This Train Made Passengers Driving the Jacobite Steam Train 2 days ago   11:00

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But elsewhere in the world high speed trains were developed along with new special dedicate high speed tracks. These new lines were constructed with long, straight sections of rail and gentle curves. For their Bullet Trains, the Japanese built an entirely new dedicated high-speed rail line (Tokaido Shinkansen). For their TGV, the French would need to build hundreds of kilometers of dedicated high speed track (LGV for Ligne à Grande Vitesse).

But the British would take a different approach. Instead of spending billions on new high-speed rail infrastructure, they would engineer a new kind of high speed train that could run on Britain’s existing rail network. The challenge was that many of Britain’s railways were built a hundred years earlier, and they were full of sharp twists and turns. The solution, was to engineer a train that would lean into bends like a motorcycle, maintaining passenger comfort even while running a high speeds around sharp curves. With active tilting technology, the Advanced Passenger Train (APT), would be able to bend nearly twice as fast as any British train. During testing in 1979, the APT hit 261 km/h, setting a new British speed record.

But the APT’s development was plagued by setbacks and delays. The train never lived up to its potential. From day one, the APT was plagued by technical problems; everything from frozen breaks to failed tilting mechanisms. Nearly a third of passengers to become motion sick from the tilting mechanism. After a disastrous debut, British Rail faced an uphill battle to overcome technical challenges and win back public confidence in their innovative train. It was a battle they would never win.

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