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Feeding My Caiman! | $4,000 Crimson Iguana! - At Up-Tube.com

FEEDING MY CAIMAN! $4,000 CRIMSON IGUANA! 2 days ago   14:48

Chandler's Wild Life

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Darsch Pugs
So what do you do when these are full grown?
It's Knowledge
3:55 well you do have a descendent of dinosaurs named blue xD
So cute 😭
Claussanta 86
Thats no Pet. Just stupid .
Cristy Cojas Gelviro
I think he is going to get a nile crocdile

(Nile crocidiles hatch a bit earlier than a normal crocodile)
Maxwells animal life
1:19 ok Chris Pratt lol I love him and you are the best
Michael Myers
"Professional" "Dangerous" they are not dangerous at all unless they feel like you are going to harm them.
MasterBuck & Rudy The Great Dinosaur
I kinda feel bad for the chicks and rats
slapstick comedy2.0
As soon as you said hybrid I got the new cappacino ad for Dunkin donuts.
Joseph McDonagh
6:28 I went into the kitchen for a minute. I thought you were talking to me.
Shizzy Wizzy
It would be awesome if someone could tell me what was being fed to those Gators...
Greziek Soup
Bruh when they get bigger they will eat you
Big Oofatron
You sound exactly like Chris Pratt
NOTaSaltyPerson Yt
This man should ride in a motorcycle with a pack of velociraptors
Bryan Kaung
What are you going to do when they grow bigger
Emre Fişne
Even if someone find these cruel, there is no problem at feeding animals with already dead things.
They're so cute . I think you should give them fish instead of mice but pretty dope though . Anyway + 1 subscriber
f b
How big does it get? Thats cool man if you thing about it you own a dragon..
cesar free fire
With the help I'm sorry
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$4,000 CRIMSON IGUANA! FEEDING MY CAIMAN! 2 days ago   11:33

YOUTUBE: TYLER NOLAN https://www.youtube.com/user/lilweeziw