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Derek Van Schaik
What secrets does body language reveal in Shane Dawson’s Part 5 The World of Jake Paul interview?

The YouTuber Shane Dawson did a whole video series on the mind of Jake Paul to partly answer the question whether or not Jake is a sociopath. In this part 5 (The World of Jake Paul), Shane Dawson and Kati Morton visit Jake Paul’s Team 10 mansion to interview him personally.

We’re going to analyze Jake Paul’s body language during Shane Dawson’s meeting with Jake Paul to see what secrets we find out

During this meeting, Jake revealed several sociopath traits and some creepy aspects of his personality, but also revealed some actions that would prove that he’s not a sociopath.

When Shane asks Jake more questions in the next interview, we’ll know more about him.

If this video gets over 500 likes, I’ll do a body language analyze on Shane’s next Jake Paul video.

In the comments: Do you think Jake Paul is a sociopath?

All The Proof You Need That Jake Paul Is A Sociopath

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Vanessa Magalhaes
I do think he's a sociopath but not because he shows off his house or something like that
Did anyone count how many times Jake said "like"?

It's so annoying...
Bryn Jackson
At 9:09 when Shane says 'I feel like I know you, in a weird way', Jake suddenly pulls his hands away from his face and opens his stance in relief, brings up something Shane would feel good about and compliments him on it. So I guess he decided that Shane was going to make a good documentary on him after all that closed-off-arms face touching trying to figure out if agreeing to the doco was a good idea or not.
I can read people.. jake paul is a very fake person..
kitthe cat
You have A lot of videos about jake, feels like an agenda... Do some prank body language reviews, or more interview reviews.
UC2 suevi
After watching the videos here I have grown more and more afraid that I might be a sociopath I don’t want to do someone wrong but I still relate to some things in these videos. Is there a way to “stop” being a sociopath and is there a way to confirm if you are
Kit Kat
I wonder how the mindless drones who made this sociopath, selfish git rich feels when they know deep down this man doesn't give a rats ass about anyone and he just made it big off their money. Haha how does it feel?
S Dunny
Some of this stuff is a reach ... interviewer “ I have some tough questions for you” Jake” no I have some tough questions for you “ ... Jake is nervous and a psycho... not really he made a joke... if someone was interviewing me I would be curious about what he knew as well ... he may be a little conceded and an adrenal junkie but I work with actual Psychopaths and I don’t think he is one ... I’m not even a Jake pail fan really so this isn’t a fan defending him just my personal opinion
Pickolas Cage
Erika seems nice, but how does she look 20 and 40 at the same time?
21 and all all that money is impressive. I guess sociopathy hidden as extroversion and daredevilness goes far
To hug like you are the best of friends seem fake, on both sides.
Though i can imagine it is a tactical move by the interviewer to accept the hugs.
Still, it feels wrong.
Callahan Moreland
"Look at how Jake is holding Erika's hand now, it's actually a sign of significant affection."
Me completely ignoring the rest of the video: "Awww I guess he really is a good person 😭"
Drinking game: Every time Jake Paul says like, take a drink of Smirnoff.

Edit: ded half way through.
Lety Gtz
I was able to tell some of these things when I saw the original video, but the fact that in this video some things I noticed are also pointed out makes me feel somehow proud of myself hahahaha, I find your videos to be very interesting
Stephanie Roberts
Sociopaths don't feel 'nervousness'. He's only 21 -his brain isn't fully developed yet. For males that happens between 21-23, where he'll develop the ability to fully understand cause-and-effect of his actions (aka the consequences of his actions). Give the kid a break!
pool bwoy
derek u need to focus on other shit fr
Dude your brain is too large
Shane Dawson really looks disgusting 🤢
Petunia and Poppy
You don't need to flash a picture of yourself during your voice overs. Its just distracting.
pelley 4560
Jake should take propecia.
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The Mind Of Jake Paul What secrets does body 8 months ago   18:33

Disclaimer: I'm a fan of Shane and I think the content he and Andrew are putting out is incredible, however, I do have some issues with this series. Let me know if you would want a part two once the rest of the docuseries is out!

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