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Derek Van Schaik
What secrets does body language reveal in Shane Dawson’s Part 5 The World of Jake Paul interview?

The YouTuber Shane Dawson did a whole video series on the mind of Jake Paul to partly answer the question whether or not Jake is a sociopath. In this part 5 (The World of Jake Paul), Shane Dawson and Kati Morton visit Jake Paul’s Team 10 mansion to interview him personally.

We’re going to analyze Jake Paul’s body language during Shane Dawson’s meeting with Jake Paul to see what secrets we find out

During this meeting, Jake revealed several sociopath traits and some creepy aspects of his personality, but also revealed some actions that would prove that he’s not a sociopath.

When Shane asks Jake more questions in the next interview, we’ll know more about him.

If this video gets over 500 likes, I’ll do a body language analyze on Shane’s next Jake Paul video.

In the comments: Do you think Jake Paul is a sociopath?

All The Proof You Need That Jake Paul Is A Sociopath

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The Mind Of Jake Paul What secrets does body 11 months ago   18:33

Disclaimer: I'm a fan of Shane and I think the content he and Andrew are putting out is incredible, however, I do have some issues with this series. Let me know if you would want a part two once the rest of the docuseries is out!

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