My Top 5 Cars In Need for Speed: Most Need for Speed Most Wanted 9 months ago   10:19


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If you're reading this, you're watching an old video. I recently decided to update the descriptions and tags to meet community guidelines + other stuffs.

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fricke B
The only thing i hate in this game are the online players, their rude, they take down everyone, and they always drive that stupid henessey venom i paid for the online to have fun not to be taken down non-stop
Many yeards later:

The worst nfs ever
Why is your voice sound lagging so much better learn english before making videos
Maritza Balderas
cool intro
doesnt matter.. driving skill is the only important thing in this game, I beated the aventadoröwith the stock ford...
My favourite car is mitsubishi evolution x
Cyan Cheetah
Actually the integrale is better off road
FarmYard Gaming
Craig Foster
My top 5
1: srt viper gts
2: Mercedes-Benz sls amg
3: ford raptor
4: koenigsegg agera
5: Lamborghini Gallardo
the epic ethan gamer
I don't know if anybody else thinks this but I think the Ariel atom in need for speed most wanted let's just think the Ariel atom 500 is the best car there it is fast and it handles amazingly
Leon Mcaffrey
*wolf rules 😎*
Gita Rani Das
These cars nothing compared to Agra R
Goal Replay HD
please tell me were is the BMW M3 GTR
3:53 dynamite mc after party
Bellah Petersen
My favourite cars are the Porsche camrea s and bugatti veyron super sport and Nissan gtr r35 egoist and Nissan sjyline r34 and the Lancia and bently and the McLaren from the ultimate speed pack and the the Subaru and the pagani zonda and huryra and the lamborghini aventador and the Chevy ZL1 the zl1 is my most favorite car cause it got the bset drifting and burnouts.yea i know its kinda long but yea.oh also i subbed and nice videos man
Hdlol Hebd
No one talks about the bac mono smh
BAC mono
You Said Need for Speed is the worst game
My favorites
Königsegg Agera
Bugatti Veyron
aya ji
my best cars are : srt viper : mercedes sl 65 amg : the agera : bmw m3 gtr : bugatti veyron super sport
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Need for Speed Most Wanted My Top 5 Cars In Need for Speed: Most 9 months ago   07:15

This is all the leftover gameplay recordings I never ended up using for my Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012) videos. Weird glitches and funny moments that I didn't feel were worth sharing on their own. These were all recorded on the Xbox 360 version.

I had planned to do this video when the game was released, but procrastination got the best of me... for 3 years. The project in Premiere Pro even got corrupted when I finally started working on it again, so that was fun. Need to clear up some hard drive space so I've finally thrown the clips together set to some music so I can reclaim all that sweet disk space.

With the new Need for Speed (2015) by Ghost Games out, I guess now is a good time as any to get this uploaded.

Hope you enjoy. Don't forget to like, comment, favorite, and subscribe and aioejfa weoijdlksaslkfprfp ffffflrt