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The Untold Truth Of Fat Thor | From Sex Worker To Princess To Murderer - At Up-Tube.com

The Untold Truth Of Fat Thor From Sex Worker To Princess To Murderer 3 months ago   11:05

Avengers: Endgame brought plenty of changes to the Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and one of the biggest was to Thor, who's put on a lot of weight. "Fat Thor," as he's being called, is dealing with a lot of depression and trauma. Here's his story.

From Black Panther's anger after his father's murder to Iron Man's post-Avengers panic attacks to Valkyrie abandoning Asgard and drowning her sorrows, the Marvel movies have often dealt with the psychological trauma that comes with the life of a superhero. This time, though, it's on a completely different scale. In the MCU, the ending of Infinity War is unquestionably the biggest tragedy in the history of the planet. It's not just the billions of people turned to dust, but as we see in Endgame, it's all life, meaning that Thanos took out animals, too. It's devastating for the entire universe, and the heroes who were at the center of it are no exception.

When the film shifts its focus to five years after the snap, we see that each of the Avengers has been dealing with the trauma in a different way. Even before we get to Thor, it's not always healthy.

In what's probably the most productive response, we see Captain America leading a support group for survivors, which works on a lot of levels. It highlights the empathy and moral center that makes Steve Rogers such an appealing character, and works as a tribute to his fallen friend, Sam Wilson. Before he was an Avenger, Sam was leading a support group for veterans, and with him gone, Cap is doing his best to carry on that legacy.

The others, however, aren't doing so well in the way they deal with tragedy. Hawkeye goes to an incredibly violent extreme, trying to personally enforce a fairness that's absent in the loss of innocent life. Black Widow loses herself in obsessing over her work, trying to fix everything she can. While Tony Stark's life post-snap is far more idyllic than the other heroes', he's still completely given up making the world a better, safer place, which defined his life as Iron Man. He's refusing to use his genius to help others because, well, what's the point? He tried, it didn't work, time to move on. These are all very different and very relatable ways of dealing with a traumatic experience.

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Traumavengers | 0:14
The contextual Hulk | 2:00
Twilight of the gods | 4:22
Depression and substance abuse | 5:35
Voluminous and alone | 6:31
Relatable or insulting? | 7:50
The reaction | 8:47
The defense of Thicc Thor | 9:36

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What do you think of Fat Thor?
the hulk being the embodiment of rage??? let me stop you there the doomslayer is the most angriest most full of rage person of all time he's so angry that he chose to stay in hell and fight demons for eons without stopping or resting so theres NO ONE angrier than doomslayer
Dude Man’s
He had to look like a real Norse god👍
Avinash Kanade
Thanos: hey fatty. Thor:I went for the fast food
Dinosquad Godzilla fan
Akseli Vihavainen
Omg how stupid u are that u think captain marwel is the strongest one thor is the powerfullest hero
Hamza Ahmed
Why does new hulk remind me of the rock
Fat Thor still gets laid more than you do
Xhevrije Aliu
Im just sad cuz irOn man dies😢
Blockman go CAP
.thanos was right
Colton Nemitz
Leave it to you to claim captain marvel as the strongest. She is ms marvel in the comics. Democrats took captain marvel out.
A Banana!!!! Oh no no!!!!
Should of said thiccc thor
Konstantin Kutinov
Fat Thor>Thor
Megan E
I liked the realistic portrayal of PTSD in Thor. I also particularly liked that when he took up a helping role, his weight was not what he needed to conquer. He really needed to talk with someone who understood, which was somewhat unrealistic in how quickly it helped thins, but it is fiction after all. The fat jokes were realistic and still not so great, but Thor at the end was more than worth some shitty fat jokes
Josh Nelson
Making Captain Marvel the strongest in the entire universe is just stupid feminist pandering
this video sucks
Russ Wright
"The untold truth of fat Thor" I seen the movie. Therefore, it is not untold! and did she actually say, "The Hulk went through a "literal" physical change?" Any physical change is literal! This whole video is telling us what we already know and looking at how many views it has, makes me want to go make a LOT of redundant videos.
Cowgirlcadet 1701
So you basically took ten minutes to tell us the point of Fat Thor, when it was already summed up quite succinctly in a meme. To wit - "The point of Fat Thor is that depression does not diminish one's worth as a person."
This is one of the BEST videos you all have put out by far. Great analysis. Compelling thoughts. Just a really well put together video essay.
Miriam Ramirez
Failed to mention how much smaller Hulk is now that Banner made peace with him.
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From Sex Worker To Princess To Murderer The Untold Truth Of Fat Thor 3 months ago   08:14

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