One World Trade Center: Freedom 【4K】Walking around World Trade 1 day ago   02:42

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Taking a tour at One World Observatory at the One World Trade Center!

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They should have built two.
Frances Caraballo
I feel like they turned a disaster into profit.
Hod D
you have to pay to go in that building? That's messed up who gets the money? Does it go to a foreign agent I want to know that isn't American we paid for the building that guy probably got in for free because he's a rich Israeli his girlfriend looks like a stuck up tramp I bet they arnt even real americans! We know Israel pulled them towers down!
Why do people like you still call the the building the _"Freedom Tower?"_

It has been officially *not* called like that anymore since 2009 after branding issues and search for tenants. So it is just *One World Trade Center.*
Going there in a few weeks. Thanks for the sneak peak.
Gumball 4870
Is it tall as the original twin towers
You guys could make a great cuck video.. all you need is a couple black guys.
White Wolf Media
The only good WTC vlog on YouTube... thank you for being so cohesive
Rednax Brix
Great video as always!
$54 per person??!!!!!!!!!!!!
x Heroin Father
My uncle worked in the original World Trade Center from 1989-96 thankfully he had to relocate to Washington DC or he wouldn't have been alive.
Midwest Corvette
I just went it was 37 bucks. my friends got in for free because they're military.
when i went up there you could barely see the people and the cars looked like toys
Taylor Ibanez
Cool video. Subscribed.
Bob Taylor
Very cool thanks for sharing !!
Albert Shamah
Pli. 🙈 Plius. Would have enjoyed NY
Dan Trass
Dude! best line of the whole video "was it because you're pretty?" Great stuff!
Jordan Brodie
Cool Video!! Just one question. What was the music?
Evan McPherson
Wow! Adding that to my bucket list! Beautiful!
Wow. Impressive. I love being that high up and seeing out. Visited the oZone bar in Hong Kong. 118 Floors up. It was a night, but the views were just incredible.
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【4K】Walking around World Trade One World Trade Center: Freedom 1 day ago   29:05

Walking around World Trade Center and 9/11 memorial in New York, NYC. (Downtown Manhattan).
This video filmed on Feb 26, 2018 that was 25th anniversary of 1993 World Trade Center bombing.
Time: around 4pm
Camera: DJI Osmo+
Recording setting: 4K 30fps Wide ISO100
Edited in iMovie
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