Alienware's CRAZY upgradeable laptop Are Walmart Gaming PCs actually THAT 2 weeks ago   10:18

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Carl Burns
Clevo P775TM1-G 17.3" FHD/3K/4K - nVidia RTX 2060/2070/2080 - Intel Hexa/Octa Core 1.449,00€
Lucian Boicu
My 2012 Alienware M17x R4 is still going strong in 2019, after being hauled in over 50 flights across Europe, Asia and North America. The external case is scratched from all the luggage suitcases its been crammed in & thrown around on flights, but the internals & screen, are solid. Also never had to service anything on it (I think a key popped off and i just pushed it back in, once, maybe in 2015?). Dell makes really solid laptops.
Linus I find your lack of ESD awareness disturbing. What message are we sending to the kids?
The last model had probs with the heat? And only 2usb ports!
Two of the reasons i didnt buy it. 3usb ports, well we getting somewhere.
I cant wait for some tests to see how it is on a longer gaming sessions!
May worth it for me this time. Also upgradeable, sweet.
Tom Hsia
That does NOT seem like adequate cooling.
Anyone else start to get a little nervous around 3:53? /r/sweatypalms
Jamie Hasted
Soooo... they have added tech that I had in my 7 yearold M17x R4...?
Todd no last name
I don't think I'd want Linus to put it back together.
nick mann
A lot of laptops have upgradeable gpus
male grotesque
he is a sales guy

not from design/ production line

what do u expect
Linus good job mate
DaWrightWay DatWay
I have been watching your videos for about 2 years and I`m not too good with CPU and GPU upgrading but I fell that your videos are great and that I can learn a lot from them thanks Linus or Mr. Linus
Xander Zoolander
Upgradable graphics isn't that hard, all you need is a PCIe connector and power source. Migrate all the power to a single connector, and the PCIe connector can be made relatively small. It's not rocket science.
Is Dell/Alienware planning on truely keeping this upgradable though? If I buy one at release, will it have components for it in a couple years, 5 years, maybe even a decade later if the chassis survives that long? There's no point in hyping upgradability if the product is killed within a few years, or if a new model is released every year. Are they going to have a solution for older components, like maybe a cheap case you can throw everything into to have as a backup desktop, or something?
What about the case of the laptop itself, if the chassis does last 10+ years, is it planned to have different I/O plates for future standards of I/O? Say USB type C becomes the bottom line but also has a generation or two of successors, would I have to get an all new chassis for this, or could I just swap out an I/O plate with a new motherboard that has the newer I/O? Again, there's no point to the upgradable hype if the idea doesn't work after a few years.
Demore Gains
10:08 Fat blond woman fancies linus
Yaron Langer
I actually laughed at the end
Why is Linus going crazy when Sager, Clevo, and many other laptops come with non BGA Processors and graphics cards? The GFX is cool I will say.
richard p
OW GOOD video i sub and liked to you thks in advance sub back O I have the notifications on too
Daniel Fernández Barrera
Hey! Did they mention when they’d release the 240 Hz panel? You say “later this year”, did they share a specific month? Quarter? FHD @ 144 Hz for this beast is kind of lackluster. QHD @ 144 or 240 Hz should have been offered since now... like on the m15 and m17. I’m on the fence for this sole reason and would spend 4.5K immediately were it not for this.
Bionic Elf
Take my money
tfw this laptop is better than most people’s towers
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Are Walmart Gaming PCs actually THAT Alienware's CRAZY upgradeable laptop 2 weeks ago   17:57

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