Angelina Jolie's kids: Everything Celine Dion's Sons ★ 2018 1 day ago   06:42

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Before their split in 2017, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were better known as Brangelina and they wandered around the world with a fleet of children. In other words, they were the coolest parents ever.
The Jolie-Pitt kids range from 9-16, hail from all around the world (interesting fact: none of them were born in the USA!), and were raised in their parents' Château in France, a place in Los Angeles, a home in New Orleans, a penthouse in New York city, and on-set. So basically, they are extremely cool. Time to get to know them better!

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fehmida kouser
I always wanted to adopt from a young age as well have my own, then I left home, and in my 30's couldn't work out how I could, looking at my situation. So I married a man I was inlove with, a father of two. And between us we had 6.

I then adopted a country and its problems, and the adoption today is a legend, I moved on to adopt the Ummah and its affairs.

I'm a parent, of a new kind.
Rebecca Jarvis
Sounds like a certain show I know...
Elly Raborn
Angelina, is wonderful in philanthropy & these children are so lucky!
Layal Rose
They're Brad's and Angelina's kids not only Angelina
John wayne Starr
if all rich and famous people have the same ideology with angelina,our place will be the greatest place to live in,,
Fine Music
She’s a great mother. She keeps them responsible and achieving. Let’s just say this. Angelina Jolie would never have to pull a usc college scandal to get her kids into college. They already have quite the resume as teens. If I were an admissions officer, I’d accept them on their own merits.
The real super women 👍💞
nash al- nash
Why they kids they look different
concernfilipinocitizen58 Filipino
Wow!!!Ms Angelina is truly amazing..May God bless her long life..
Elvis Jelly
Heh Jessie, anyone😂
hasana masasa
SC Taylor
Did the twins are they own kids or what?
Sitha Sweet
I was surprised that her first child was Cambodian
So what this video taught me is that she got all her kids working in Melefecant to cut production costs.
Maddox has grown up so fast
Chan Rak Khun
nasa ako nalang ung ena adopt nila. swerte and mga batabg un na adopt nila. ako rin sana. meron kaya mg adopt sa akin kahit na 28 years old na ako?
Beautiful kids
Topistar Nelima
I got alot of photos no one asked to look at it while others got millions from their photo waah
phing amar
I love angelina..
All her action movie.comedy..
Ur the best woman, a mother and actress.
Kate Albaniel
I am so in love with this woman
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Celine Dion's Sons ★ 2018 Angelina Jolie's kids: Everything 1 day ago   10:07

Celine Dion's Sons - 2018 (Rene Charles Angelil | Nelson Angelil & Eddy Angelil)
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