Ferrari Shoes, Cars24, n Chutneys CRAZY AUTO-LACING SHOES !!! *MUST 2 days ago   11:54

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Here's another quick vlog where I share 5 Important things that you need to note while selling your car or bike.
Cars24 Page link -
These are important points not usually dwelled upon but are very relevant, something everyone needs to be aware of.
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Surya Dutta Bhagawan Das Kasetty
Hey Dino, like that T-shirt and jacket edit!
Vijay Mithra
Dino bhai if Ur are selling Ur Duke 390 let me know. Sam and thumbs up for Ur dance
adil anees
What is the price of those shoes
sumit saikia
Karthi Karthi
sudhir akupatni
Dino bhai...please have a look at the comments for the Cars24 for the app in play store ...they are well above the moon ...
Mait Raiders
Secrets reviled... you dance awesome Bro😘
Agniva Datta
Nice dance step
Hemanth Chandra
Is it good to buy bike now in December or wait for next month?

During resale does the year of registration really matter at all?
bznerd. com
Rofl.that dance was amazing
santhosh rohit
Sir why are you not making JAWA review. I'm waiting for your review.
sunil menon
Sold my Swift diesel to cars 24 a few years back. Good experience when selling . They promised transparency and said that after the transfer of ownership I could get details of the new owner. Till date have followed up with their call centre 3 times. They just promise to give the info but never do. I'm a bit sceptical to approach them a second time for disposing off my present car .
Abinash Swain
woooow Nice move......!!!!!
Milo V
Nice info bro👍🤘 wish u a merry Christmas & happy new year 🎉🍻
raghuram enterprises
hi Dino, can you please review electric scooters and how practical they are in real life use
daniel rabe
Dino the dance master . Prabhu Deva dance like
Jibin Pb
Do you know when 2019 cb shine come? Please replay
TrashTech TV
I sold my verito after 1 Lakh kms for 275000 to get a ciaz in maruti showroom but I expected only 150000
TrashTech TV
Bro, mention that this video is sponsored
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CRAZY AUTO-LACING SHOES !!! *MUST Ferrari Shoes, Cars24, n Chutneys 2 days ago   14:42

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