Kasum Khoon Ki 1977 Bollywood Gehri Chaal (1973) Full 1 day ago   2:19:18

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Kasum Khoon Ki 1977 Bollywood Movie | Jeetendra | Bollywood Movies | Blockbuster Movie | Asrani | Classic Movie Box. Kasum Khoon Ki ( कसम खून की) is a 1977 Bollywood Action drama film, produced Prasan Kapoor under the Tirupati Pictures banner and directed by Ashok Roy. It stars Jeetendra, Sulakshana Pandit in the lead roles and music composed by Kalyanji Anandji.

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#Movie: Kasum Khoon Ki 1977
#FilmCast: Jeetendra, Amjad Khan, Asrani, Nirupa Roy, Asit Sen, Sulakhshana Pandit, Farida Jalal, Jankidas, Sujit Kumar, Shetty, Raju Shreshta, Prem Chopra, Madan Puri, Shakti Kapoor, Roopesh Kumar, Tarun Ghosh, Aruna Irani, Raj Kishore, Murad, Sarla Yogelkar
#Singer: Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Mahendra Kapoor, Mohammed Rafi, Sulakshana Pandit, Kanchan
#Lyricist: Anjaan, Verma Malik
#MusicDirector: Kalyanji Veerji, Anandji
#FilmDirector: Ashok Roy

1. "Aaj Loota Do"
2. "Andar Chale Aao Ji Andar"
3. "Jai Janta Bhai Jai Janta"
4. "Jai Janta Bhai Jai Janta"
5. "Main Pital Ki Payaliya"
6. "O Meri Maina Jaisi Bahena"
7. "O Meri Maina Jaisi Bahena (II)"

Seth Dwarkadas a rich, wealthy and well known, a respected man in society. But no one knew the real Seth Dwarkadas; his underworld dealings of indulging in the trafficking of women. One day, his wife Shanti comes to know the reality and leaves the house with her children Kishan and Ganga. After 20 years, Kishan has to come up with Rs.25,000/- in less than six months in order to get his sister married. Kishan decides to re-locate to Bombay and try and earn the money, where he meets with Gafoore Mistry and together they set out to accumulate the money. Kishan then rescues a young woman named Radha from hoodlums and learns from her that her cop brother, Laxman, is imprisoned for amurder he did not commit, and is to be hanged soon. Kishan decides to help her brother, and in order to do this, he gets himself arrested and imprisoned in the same jail as Laxman. Anyway, he is successful in both earning the money and releasing Laxman. When he goes back to his village, he comes to know that his sister Ganga is cheated in love by one of thegang members of Seth Dwaraka Das and she has been included into the trade and had died in saving her honor. Now Kishan decides to take revenge for her sister'sdeath, with the help of his friends, and he succeeds in bursting his Dwarakadas'sgang.

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Gehri Chaal (1973) Full Kasum Khoon Ki 1977 Bollywood 1 day ago   2:20:22

The movie story deals with Dharamchand the Chair of Olympic Bank, which is due for a final audit by the 30th of the month. Shortly thereafter, his daughter, Hema, finds his dead body in his bedroom. She phones her brother, Ratan, who arrives, finds a suicide note in his dad's room, clarifying that he had embezzled 20 lakhs from the bank, is unable to repay it, and hence is killing himself. Ratan decides to protect the good name of the family and does not tell anyone about the suicide note to anyone, including Hema. Shortly thereafter, Ratan is approached by a blackmailer named Shekhar, who threatens to expose Ratan's secret if Ratan does not participate in a bank robbery that will take place two days before the final audit. Ratan assists him, the robbery takes place, the money is looted, all bank records are burnt, and the robbers make a successful getaway. Ratan is relieved that his problem has been resolved and the family name is not tarnished. The only problem is that Hema saw the robbers in action, and is able to identify one of them, a woman named Shobha. When she tells Ratan, he asks her to keep this information a secret. Then Ratan's friend, Sagar, arrives from Delhi for a visit, and it is here that Ratan will find out that Sagar is in a profession that has made him a suspect with the police, and may rip open the secret that Ratan has been trying to hide from the world.